Burger King Menu Price List 2024 Philippines

Burger King is an American-based multinational fast food restaurant chain. This company opened its first branch in Philippines in December 1997 at Robinsons Galleria, Quezon City. Currently Jollibee Foods Corporation and BK Titans Inc are running Burger King PH. It serves flame-grilled cheeseburger, chicken, whopper, cheese whopper, x-tra long chicken, plant-based burgers, french fries, drinks, desserts, and breakfast. Updated Burger King Menu is given below.

Burger King Updated Menu with Latest Price List 2024 Philippines


Spicy Chicken King₱ 185
 Chicken King₱ 159


Pepperoni Bacon Whopper₱255
Pepperoni Bacon Whopper Jr.₱169
Whopper Jr.₱89


For 2For 4
Original King Feast with Regular Sides & Drinks₱345₱655
Cheesy King Feast with Regular Sides & Drinks₱389₱639
X-tra Long Chicken Jr. King Feast with Regular Sides & Drinks₱295₱575


4-Cheese Whopper₱215
4-Cheese Whopper Jr.₱109
Bacon 4-Cheese Whopper₱306
Bacon 4-Cheese Whopper Jr.₱189


X-Tra Long Chicken Sandwich₱119
X-Tra Long Chicken Jr. Sandwich₱65
BBQ Bacon X-Tra Long Chicken Sandwich₱155


Flame-Grilled Cheeseburger₱75
Flame-Grilled Quadruple Cheeseburger₱289
Flame-Grilled Double Cheeseburger₱165
Flame-Grilled BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger₱155
Double Quarter Pound King₱295
Flame-Grilled Triple Cheeseburger₱249
Quarter Pound King₱205
Flame-Grilled BBQ Hamburger₱75
Flame-Grilled Double BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger₱229
Flame-Grilled Hamburger₱75


Plant-Based Whopper Jr.₱109
Plant-Based Whopper₱199


Double Bacon King₱359
Double BBQ Bacon King Jr.₱229
Bacon King Jr.₱165
BBQ Bacon King₱255
Bacon King₱255
Double Mushroom Swiss King Jr.₱225
Mushroom Swiss King₱242
Double BBQ Bacon King₱359
Double Bacon King Jr.₱230
BBQ Bacon King Jr.₱169
Mushroom Swiss King Jr.₱169


Gravy X-Tra Long Chicken Jr. with Rice₱65
Gravy X-Tra Long Chicken with Rice₱109
4-pc Chicken Nuggets₱85
BBQ X-Tra Long Chicken Jr. with Rice₱65
10-pc Chicken Nuggets₱189
6-pc Chicken Nuggets₱129
2-Pc Tender Crunchy Fried Chicken with Rice₱208
6-pc Spicy Chicken Nuggets₱139
4-pc Spicy Chicken Nuggets₱95
10-pc Spicy Chicken Nuggets₱209
BBQ X-Tra Long Chicken with Rice₱115
1-Pc Tender Crunchy Fried Chicken with Rice₱145


Hash Bites₱49₱69₱89
Onion Rings₱59₱79₱99
Thick-Cut Fries₱49₱69₱89
10-pc Cheese Bites₱159
6-pc Cheese Bites₱99


Coke Original Taste₱55
Minute Maid Fresh Orange₱65
Bottled Water₱45
Mocha BK Joe₱85
BK Joe Coffee₱59
Coke Float₱45
Minute Maid Apple Juice₱59
Rootbeer Float₱45
Iced Tea₱55
Mocha BK Joe Frost₱89


Caramel Sundae₱45
Chocolate Sundae₱45

Burger King in Philippines

In December 1997, Ayala Corporation opened the first Burger King store in the Philippines in Quezon City. After that in 2006, this company sold Burger King to BK Titans.

In 2011, Jollibee Food Corporation acquired 54 Percent Stake from BK Titans Inc. When JFC acquired Majority Stake of Burger King, at that time this fast food company had only 23 branches in the Philippines. Since then till the present time, JFC played a big role in the growth rate of this company and took the number of stores beyond 100.

Both Jollibee and Burger King of Jollibee Food Corporation offer the same menu but Burger King is 30% more expensive than Jollibee.

Best Seller & Must Try

Chicken King Burger – This is one of the best-selling burgers in BK. It is made using Crispy-fried whole muscle thigh chicken with tomato, lettuce, and mayo and served on potato buns. If you want spicy taste, Spicy Chicken King comes with a flamin’ hot kick with BK special sauce and jalapenos.

Whopper – it is made of ¼ lb of flame-grilled 100% beef and topped with juicy tomatoes, fresh lettuce, creamy mayonnaise, ketchup, crunchy pickles, and sliced ​​white onions. After that it is placed between two soft sesame seed buns. If you want to add pork to your Whopper, you should definitely try the Pepperoni Bacon WHOPPER.

4-Cheese Whopper – it is made by ¼ lb of flame-grilled 100% beef. Because Mozzarella Cheese, Swiss cheese, American cheese, and cheese sauce are used to make it, that’s why it is called 4-cheese whopper. After that it is placed between soft sesame seed buns. if you want pork in your 4-Cheese Whopper. you should go with the Bacon 4-Cheese Whopper.

Flame-Grilled Cheeseburger – Flame-grilled 100% beef is topped with a simple layer of melted American cheese, yellow mustard, and ketchup. After that it is kept between soft sesame seed buns.

X-tra Long Chicken – it is Made with white meat chicken, lightly coated with breadcrumbs and then fried. After that it is topped with a simple combination of shredded lettuce and creamy mayonnaise on a soft sesame seed bun.

Plant-Based WHOPPER – if you want to eat vegetarian fast food. Plant-Based WHOPPER is going to be best for you. because it is made by a plant based (Soy, Wheat) flame-grilled patty and topped with very fresh lettuce, creamy Madonna, ketchup, pickles, onions and tomatoes. After that it is placed between soft sesame seed buns.

Bacon King – Flame-grilled beef is topped with bacon, American cheese, ketchup, and creamy mayonnaise on a soft sesame seed bun. It also comes with other variations such as Double Bacon King, BBQ Bacon King, Double BBQ Bacon King.

Mushroom Swiss King – flame-grilled beef is topped with sautéed mushrooms, and melted Swiss cheese after that it is placed between soft sesame seed buns. Mushroom Swiss King Jr & Double Mushroom Swiss King Jr. are also must-try items at Burger King Restaurant.


Keith J. Kramer and his wife’s uncle Matthew Burns opened their first restaurant in Jacksonville, Florida in 1953 under the name Insta-Burger King. Insta-Broiler oven was used for its production. And all the franchisees of BK made the Fast Food Company Chain successful by using Insta-Machines.

Due to the economic recession in 1959, David Edgerton and James McLamore bought this Burger Fast Food Company. After this attention was paid to the restructuring of this company and its name was changed to Burger King. He expanded to more than 250 locations in the United States within 8 years to take the company to a big stage. In 1967 it was sold to the Pillsbury Company.

Every day more than 12 million guests visit Burger King Restaurant worldwide. This is the reason for such high popularity because this company provides high quality, premium and affordable fast food. For more than 70 years, this company has remained the world’s second largest Burger Fast Food Restaurant Chain. And serving its good quality Fast Food in every country.

According to current statistics, Burger King serves fast food to more than 11 million guests daily at more than 12,300 locations in 78 countries.

Delivery Services

Dine-in, Take-Out & Delivery Service is available at Burger King. If you want to get your favourite Burger King Menu’s chicken, whopper, cheeseburger or french fries at your doorstep, visit BK Ph’s official website www.burgerkingdelivery.com.ph and order your favourite item from the menu. Select.

You can also take advantage of Delivery Service by downloading BK PH App from Google Play or App Store.

Career in Burger King

Burger King is looking for Managers and Team Members. If you want to work for BK Ph, Email your resume to [email protected].

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