Culver’s Menu Price List 2024 USA

Culver’s is an American fast-casual restaurant chain, started 38 years ago on July 18, 1984 in Sauk City, Wisconsin. This Restaurant Chain serves Hamburgers, frozen custard, milkshakes, cheese curds, chicken sandwiches, fish, french fries & salads in America. The updated Culver’s Menu 2024 is given below.

At present, Culver’s is providing Restaurant Service at more than 900 locations in 26 American states.

Culver’s Menu 2024 USA [UPDATED]


Smokehouse BBQ Cheddar Pub Burger$5.19$7.39$9.59
The Culver’s® Deluxe$3.99$6.19$8.39
The Culver’s® Bacon Deluxe$4.79$6.99$9.19
ButterBurger® Cheese$3.69$5.89$8.09
Mushroom & Swiss$4.29$6.49$8.69
Sourdough Melt$4.39$6.59$8.79
Wisconsin Swiss Melt$4.59$6.79$8.99


Smokehouse BBQ Cheddar Crispy Chicken$7.29
Smokehouse BBQ Cheddar Spicy Crispy Chicken$7.49
Smokehouse BBQ Cheddar Grilled Chicken$7.99
Crispy Chicken$6.49
Spicy Crispy Chicken$5.79
Grilled Chicken$6.49
Beef Pot Roast$5.39
Grilled Reuben Melt$5.79
Pork Loin$4.79
Harvest Veggie Burger$4.39
Grilled Cheese$3.49
Corn Dog$2.39
1 pc2 pc4 pc8 pc
Original Chicken Tenders$2.29$3.79$6.39$11.39
Buffalo Chicken Tenders$2.29$3.79$6.39$11.39


North Atlantic Cod Sandwich$6.29
North Atlantic Cod Dinner 2pc$11.69
North Atlantic Cod Dinner 3pc$14.59
Butterfly Jumbo Shrimp Dinner 6pc$10.19
Butterfly Jumbo Shrimp Dinner 10pc$12.69
Butterfly Jumbo Shrimp 3pc$3.19
Butterfly Jumbo Shrimp 6pc$6.99
Butterfly Jumbo Shrimp 10pc$9.39
Strawberry Fields Salad$7.99
Chicken Cashew Salad$7.99
Cranberry Bacon Bleu Salad$7.99
Garden Fresco Salad$8.29


Crinkle Cut Fries$2.09$2.39$2.99$5.59
Wisconsin Cheese Curds$4.19$6.29$8.09
Onion Rings$3.39$5.49$7.99
Pretzel Bites$4.19
George’s® Chili$3.79$5.69
George’s® Chili Supreme$4.09$5.99
Chili Cheddar Fries$4.19$7.89
Steamed Broccoli$2.39
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy$2.39$3.79
Garden Side Salad$3.39


Concrete Mixer®$4.29$4.49$5.69$5.99
Culver’s® Root Beer Float$3.49$4.19$4.99
1 Scoop2 Scoops3 Scoops
Turtle Sundae$4.69$5.69$6.29
Caramel Cashew Sundae$4.29$5.29$5.89
Cake Cone (Vanilla, Chocolate, Double Strawberry,  Really Reese’s)$2.59$3.59$4.19
Waffle Cone$3.09$4.09$4.79
Handpacked Pint (chocolate or vanilla)$4.39


1 Scoop2 Scoops3 Scoops


Single ButterBurger® Cheese Kids’ Meal$6.29
Single ButterBurger® Kids’ Meal$6.29
2 pc Original Chicken Tenders Kids’ Meal$6.29
2 pc Buffalo Chicken Tenders Kids’ Meal$6.29
Grilled Cheese Kids’ Meal$6.29
Corn Dog Kids’ Meal$6.29


Fountain Drink$1.99
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea$1.99
White Milk$1.99
Chocolate Milk$1.99
Apple Juice$1.99
Signature Roast Coffee$1.99
Bottled Water$1.99

Culver’s Bestsellers Items

Culver’s is a Popular Fast Food Chain in the American Market. His restaurant is famous for ButterBurgers, Fresh Frozen Custard, Chicken & Sandwiches. Below you are being given the list and details of some bestseller items. Which are the most favourite dishes by the customers.

ButterBurger – Culver’s ButterBurger is made with fresh, never-frozen beef. It is seared on a grill only after you place the order. It is served on a lightly buttered, toasted bun. You can customise it with a variety of toppings.

Cheese Curds – These fried cheese curds are a favourite side dish at Culver’s. They’re made with fresh Wisconsin cheddar cheese and have a crispy, golden exterior and a gooey, cheesy interior. 

Frozen Custard – Culver’s Frozen Custard is a rich and creamy frozen dessert. Fresh dairy and eggs are used to make it. because It’s never frozen, due to which, it remains creamy texture and rich flavour. comes in a variety of flavours, including Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Mint Chip, Butter Pecan, and more

Crispy Chicken Sandwich – This sandwich is loaded with Coated and Seasoned white meat chicken breast. topped with crispy lettuce, ripe tomato, mayonnaise, and pickles on a toasted Kaiser bun. If you like juicy, tender, and crispy sandwiches from the inside, you must try this one.

North Atlantic Cod Sandwich – This sandwich is one of the bestselling sandwiches of this restaurant. It is very popular because their fish is hand cut, hand battered. topped with tartar sauce, lettuce, Wisconsin Cheddar, and cheese. Served on a lightly buttered, toasted hoagie bun.

History of Culver’s

George and Ruth Culver started their fast food career in 1961 as the owners of A&W. After this, in 1968, he bought a resort-styled restaurant in Devil’s Lake, which he named The Farm Kitchen.

His son Craig also worked at a local McDonald’s store. The family had been in the restaurant business for years.

Finally, on July 18, 1984, Craig and Lea Culver and Craig’s parents, George and Ruth Culver opened the first Culver’s Frozen Custard and ButterBurger in Sauk City, Wisconsin.

By 1993, Culver’s had only 14 restaurants in southern Wisconsin. In September 1995, Culver’s opened its first restaurant outside of Wisconsin in Buffalo, Minnesota.

Restaurants were opened in December 1995 in Roscoe, Illinois, and in November 1997 in Dubuque, Iowa. In February 1998, the company opened the first Culver’s Restaurant outside the Midwest in Texas.

Thus in the 1990s, this restaurant chain expanded the fast-casual restaurant to more than 50 locations in the Midwest.

By the end of 2011, the number of Culver’s restaurants had crossed 445. Today, there are over 800 Culver’s restaurants in 25 states, mostly in the Midwest and South.

Delivery Service

Culver’s Carryout provides facilities for CurdSide & delivery service. Follow the steps given below to place your Favourite ButterBurgers, Frozen Custard online order

  • To get access to Culver’s Menu, visit the official website or install the application from the Play Store app store.
  • After that enter your address and select the option of delivery
  • Select the food items you want to order
  • Be sure to check all the items in the cart once.
  • After that select the delivery time. pay for your order.
  • Your food will be delivered to your doorstep shortly.

In addition to Culver’s official delivery service, you can also place orders through third-party delivery services such as DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats. For this, you have to visit the respective apps or websites.

Note that delivery fees and minimum order amounts may vary depending on the delivery service partner’s app or service used.

Career in Culver’s

Follow the steps below to apply for a job at Culver’s

  • First of all visit Culver’s career office website at
  • Scroll down and click on “Search & Apply for Jobs”.
  • As soon as you enter the name of your city, a list of available jobs will appear in your locality. Out of which you have to select your interested job position.
  • Click on “Apply Now” to create an account and fill out the application form.
  • Provide your personal information, work experience, and education.
  • Upload your resume and any other required documents.
  • Review your application and submit it.

If your application is recommended, you will be called for Personal Interview

Apart from applying through the website, you can also apply for the job by visiting the restaurant.

In this company, you also get the option of different types of job opportunities part-time and full-time, as well as training and development programs are run by the company.

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