Goldilocks Cake Price List 2024 Philippines

56 years ago on May 15, 1966, Filipino-Chinese Sisters Milagros Leelin Yee, Clarita Leelin Go and their sister in law Doris Wilson Leelin opened their first Goldilocks cake store in Makati, Philippines. Updated Goldilocks Cake Price List 2024 is given Below.

Initially only 10 Employees ran this Bakeshop like Gradually, Goldilocks were opened at many more locations as well. In 1976, Goldilocks opened its first international outlet in Los Angeles, United States, gradually opening other stores in San Francisco, San Jose and in Las Vegas, Nevada, California. After this, in 1991, this company launched a franchising program and opened hundreds of Goldilocks stores in the city of Manila.

Goldilocks Cakes Menu with Price List Philippines

Goldilocks Cake [UPDATED] Menu 2024 Philippines

Premium Cakes 8 Round

Black Forest Cake₱658
Classic Sansrival₱832
Chocolate Caramel Decadence Cake₱656
Double Dutch Cake₱592
Royal Fudge Cake with Toblerone₱668
Chocolate Mousse Cake₱627
Chocolate Cherry Torte₱658
Blushing Hearts Cake₱658
All About Chocolate Cake₱776

Recommend Cakes For You

Avengers Birthday Choco 9″ Round₱535
Spiderman Birthday Choco 9″ Round₱535
Princess Birthday Marble 9″ Round₱535
Avengers Birthday Marble 9″ Round₱535
Princess Birthday Choco 9″ Round₱535
Minnie Birthday Marble 9″ Round₱535
Spiderman Birthday Marble 9″ Round₱535
Minnie Birthday Choco 9″ Round₱535

Happy Summer Bundles

HSB3: Whole Roll and Ube Cheese Puto₱459
HSB2: Greeting Cake (8×12) and Fluffy Mamon Bitbit 6s₱679
HSB1: Greeting Cake (8×12) and Butter Puto₱679

Premium Cake 8×12

Chocolate Mousse 8×12₱879

Greeting Cakes – Classic 8×12

Pastel Blooms Marble 8×12 with Filling₱612
Pastel Blooms Mocha 8×12 with Filling₱612
Unicorn Choco 8×12 with Filling₱634
Unicorn Marble 8×12 with Filling₱634
Balloons Mocha 8×12 withFilling₱634
Celebrate Marble 8×12 with Filling₱612
Balloons Choco 8×12 with Filling₱632
Balloons Marble 8×12 with Filling₱612
Unicorn Mocha 8×12 with Filling₱632
Celebrate Mocha 8×12 with Filling₱642
Pastel Blooms Choco 8×12 with Filling₱642
Celebrate Choco 8×12 with Filling₱642

Disney Birthday Cake

Minnie Birthday Choco 9″ Round₱545
Spiderman Birthday Choco 9″ Round₱545
Avengers Birthday Marble 9″ Round₱545
Spiderman Birthday Marble 9″ Round₱545
Mickey Birthday Marble 9″ Round₱545
Mickey Birthday Choco 9″ Round₱545
Minnie Birthday Marble 9″ Round₱545
Avengers Birthday Choco 9″ Round₱545
Princess Birthday Choco 9″ Round₱545
Princess Birthday Marble 9″ Round₱545

Premium Cake Petite

Chocolate Mousse Petite₱425

Greeting Cakes – Dual/Triple 8×12

Luscious Caramel 8×12₱820
Triple Delight 8×12₱820

Native Cakes

Cathedral Window Singles₱87
Butter Macaroons 28s₱131
Butter Puto₱99
Cathedral Window₱249
Ube Puto₱109
Leche Flan₱317
Butter Macaroons 12s₱69
Classic Puto₱98
Ube Cheese Puto₱129

Greeting Cakes – Classic 9 Round

Pastel Blooms Marble 9″ Round with Filling₱426
Pastel Blooms Mocha 9″ Round₱426
Pastel Blooms Choco 9″ Round with Filling₱426

Greetings Cake – Dual/Triple 9 Round

Luscious Caramel 9″ Round₱585

Whole Rolls

Chocolate Overload Whole Roll₱371
Chocolate Whole Roll₱370
Dulce De Leche Whole Roll₱370
Classic Mocha Whole Roll₱370

Half Rolls

Dulce De Leche Half Roll₱260


Crema De Fruta Big₱585
Crema De Fruta Small₱317
Vanilla Taisan Loaf₱202

Loaf Bread

Dinner Roll₱70
Sandwich Bread₱81
Egg & Milk Bread₱89
Wheaten Bread₱92

Sweet Bread

Ube Loaf₱71
Mongo Loaf₱71

Meat Filled

Chicken Pie₱64

Polvoron – Box

Assorted Polvoron Box₱240
Pinipig Polvoron Box₱163
Classic Polvoron Box₱186
Cashew Polvoron Box₱153
Cookies n Cream Polvoron Box₱163
Peanut Polvoron Box₱163
Ube Polvoron Box₱163

Pinoy Deli – Food Selections

FS Beef Caldereta with Rice₱119
FS Chicken Teriyaki with Rice₱119
FS Kare Kare with Rice₱119
FS Korean Beef with Rice₱119
FS Pork Dinuguan with Garlic Rice₱119
FS BL Chicken BBQ & Liang with Rice₱119

Polvoron Pouch

Pinipig Polvoron 10s₱72
Cookies n Cream Polvoron 10s₱72
Peanut Polvoron 10s₱72
Ube Polvoron₱72
Assorted Polvoron 12s₱85
Classic Polvoron 10s₱109
Cashew Polvoron 10s₱75

Bitbit – 3s

Fluffy Mamon Bitbit 6s₱76
Cheesy Ensaymada Bitbit 3s₱96

Bitbit – 6s

Cheesy Ensaymada Bitbit 6s₱181
Fluffy Mamon Bitbit 6s₱142


Cheesy Taisan₱104
Classic Brownies Small₱32
Chiffon Cake Slice₱32
Mocha Marble Cake Slice₱32
Cinnamon Roll₱35
Classic Brownies Box₱263
Raisin Oatmeal Cookies₱59
Cheese Ensaymada Hugs₱119
Ube Mamon₱29
Banana Muffin₱45
Chocolate Cake Slice₱33
Chocolate Chip Cookies₱55
Butter Cake Slice₱32
Ube Ensaymada Hugs₱142
Sugar-Free Mamon₱35
Classic Brownies Big₱55
Ube Ensaymada₱43
Mocha Mamon₱29
Marble Cake Slice₱33
Pork Hopia₱75
Special Fluffy Mamon₱31
Cheesy Ensaymada₱33
Blueberry Muffin₱45
Mongo Hopia₱75
Double Dutch Cake Slice₱31
Fluffy Mamon₱26


Nutty Caramel Popcorn₱25
Caramel Popcorn Big₱37

Goldilocks Bakeshop Locations Besides Philippines?

According to the official report, till now more than 400 Bakery Stores are working in the Philippines, all of them have their Headquarters located in Mandaluyong, Philippines.

And the United States has 12 stores in California, 3 in Vancouver, Canada, and 6 in Thailand. More than 2500 Employees work in the company to run all these Bakery Stores.

What is the reason that Goldilocks has surpassed all brands?

3 Talented women started the company and expanded all over the world, for this all the employees working here worked hard day and night, and made it the top brand in the world.

Goldilocks has fulfilled the wishes of the customers with hard work and dedication, their satisfaction is the main objective of this company.

It is because of the customer support that Grand has been able to compete with the international market here. Starting with only 10 employees, today more than 2500 employees work in this company.

Here you can easily find Breads, Cakes, Cake Rolls, Premium, Greeting, Goldilocks with BT21 Character Fondant Cakes, Cake Slices, Snake and Pasalubong etc.

What are the items found in Goldilocks Menu?

Goldilocks has Cake Rolls, Premium, Greetings Cakes, Goldilocks with BT21 Character Fondant Cakes, Cake Slices in addition to ALL-DAY MERIENDA (Freshly Baked – Chicken Pie, Spicy Beef Pie, Pork with Chorizo ​​Bilbao, Tuna Sisig Pie, Chicken Adobo Pie, Fried Veggie Lumpia with Egg, Sotanghon Soup, Arroz Caldo, Pancit Malabon with Puto Chicken Popcorn Ala Carte, Fresh Lumpia, Sotanghon with Puto, Palabok with Puto Pork Dinuguan with Puto), ALL-DAY MEALS (Pork Dinuguan, Beef Caldereta, Beef Kare) Kare, Rellenong Bangus, Pork Sisig, Boneless Chicken BBQ, Pork BBQ, Lechon Paksiw, Breaded Pork, Chicken Popcorn with Rice), GROUP MEALS ( Set A – Sotanghon, Pork BBQ, Lumpia Shanghai, Set B – Palabok, Pork BBQ, Fresh Lumpia, Set C – Malabon, Pork BBQ, Lumpiang Shanghai, Fried Veggie Lumpia with Egg (16 pcs.), Fresh Lumpia (16 pcs.), Pancit Malabon, Pork BBQ (12 pcs.), Sotanghon, Palabok FPP – Rellenong Bangus ), Breads, Snacks & Pasalubong, Pinoy Deli, Beverages, Dessert.

is Goldilocks Cake better than Red Ribbon?

Cakes of both the brands are well packed and vacuum-sealed, though many variations are found in them. Goldilocks have a very good bread base, while Red Ribbon has a very good cheese topping, which makes it special.

The combination of sweet and salty is very good in Goldilocks. Whereas Red Ribbon is lighter and less sweet. Accordingly, Goldilocks gets better.

But it completely depends on your choice, whether you like less sweet, or more sweet.

Bestseller Goldilocks Cake Menu in 2024

Chocolate Cake- it is made using chocolate mousse and iced with chocolate whipped cream. which is covered by chocolate ganache topped with Chocolate Flowers & Sticks. It gives an attractive look. The sides bottom corners are covered by marble chocolate.

Black Forest Cake This is the most liked cake, in which there are many layers of chocolate cake. Also, it has a filling of creamy cherry inside, which makes it more tasty. Chocolate and cherries are applied on the top for decoration.

Choco Strawberry Premium Cake – it is made up of chocolate, strawberry, cream cheese icing, chocolate whipped cream and chips. Cashew nuts and white chocolate hearts are used to make it more attractive.

Chocolate Almond Crunch Cake- it comes with 3 layers of chocolate sponge cake using chocolate whipped cream, marshmallows, choco chips and choco-coated cashew nuts. It is also the most selling cake among the Premium segment.

Chocolate Caramel Decadence Cake- it becomes more tastier after using rich and gooey caramel sauce.

Chocolate Cherry Torte – it is made using kirsch, strawberry cream pie filling, Baileys whipped cream. To make it delicious it is topped with Chocolate and maraschino cherries.

Ultimate Mocha Symphony Cake – Mocha filled with juice is topped with French macarons.

Strawberry Lush Cake – it is made using Three Layer Vanilla Chiffon Cake and is filled with strawberry and whipped cream cheese icing. To make it premium it is topped with floral buttercream icing. If you like strawberries you are definitely going to like it.

Royal Fudge Cake With Toblerone – if you want to know how to make it. let me tell you it has many ingredients like buttercream and choco mousse (inside part), Toblerone chunks, chocolate ganache, and chocolate shavings.

Salted Caramel Popcorn Cake – this cake is everyone’s favorite. because it is made of buttercream, cashews, and dark choco chips. Which gives a premium taste to it. Finally it is decorated with crunchy caramel popcorn, which makes it attractive.

Double Dutch Cake – choco buttercream and choco coated marshmallows is main contains to make it different from other cakes

Crema De Fruta – filled with fruit cocktail and topped with sliced ​​peaches and cherries make it the best among many.

Classic Sansrival – it is Surrounded with cashew nuts.

Chocolate Mousse Cake 8″x12″- if you have friends you should certainly try it once. it will not disappoint you.

Chocolate Mousse – it has freshly whipped cream, chocolate ganache, vermicelli, chocolate chips, and many layers of cream border.

Goldilocks Delivery Service

Goldilocks provides Doorstep Service in every location in the Philippines. You can visit the official website to order your favorite cake.

If you want to order through phone call without visiting the website. So place your order by calling the hotline number 8888-1-999.

Be a Goldilocks Card member

If you want to take advantage of various special perks & discounts, then you have to be a member of Goldilocks card. After becoming a member, you get Points on every purchase, which you can use in Future Purchase.

Goldilocks Card Goldilocks Bakeshop Inc. Which is valid for all Philippines Stores & Outlets only. There is no expiry period for this card. But the Expiry Period of Points is 1 Year.

Goldilocks Card member

How to Activate Your Card?

If you want to activate your card, then follow the steps given below-

  1. While typing REG/CARD NUMBER/FIRST NAME/LAST NAME/DATE OF BIRTH (mm-dd-year) send it to 0918-888-3883 or 0917-887-2253.
  2. After completing the above step, your card will be activated. After activation, 20 points will be credited to your card.

Check Your Goldilocks Card Balance

  1. To check your Card Points, type GOLDILOCKSCARD<space>BAL and send it to 0918-888-3883 or 0917-887-2253.
  2. If you want to know Card Points online then visit

if you want to get Goldilocks Cake Price List 2024 PDF with Menu Pictures. Download Link is given below For Free.


Is Goldilocks Original Filipino Bakeshop Brand?

Yes, Goldilocks is a Filipino Company, this Bakeshop was started in the Philippines in 1966, till now it has more than 400 stores in the Philippines.

How many Employees work in Goldilocks Bakeshop?

This brand operates in the US, Canada and Thailand in addition to the Philippines. Therefore, more than 2500 employees work to run all these stores.

Is Goldilocks Cake Cheaper than others?

Here the cheapest Goldilocks With BT21 Greeting Cakes 429 Philippine Peso, Pastel Blooms Mocha 9 Round 451, Pastel Blooms Marble 9 Round 451, Pastel Blooms Chocolate 9 Round 451 is available here. The Black Forest (8-inch round) Cake comes in at 682, which is not that expensive either.

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