Jack in the Box Menu Prices 2024 USA

Jack in the Box is an American fast-food restaurant chain, started 72 years ago on February 21, 1951 in San Diego. It serves Hamburgers, chicken, fries, sandwiches, salads, breakfast, and desserts in the United States. The updated Jack in the Box Menu 2024 is given below.

Currently, Jack in the Box is providing Burgers, Chicken, Tacos, Fries & Sides at more than 2200 locations in 21 states of the USA.

Jack in the Box Menu 2024 USA [UPDATED]


All American Ribeye Steakhouse Burger$6.99
Bacon All American Ribeye Steakhouse Burger$7.99
Classic Buttery Jack® w/Swiss cheese$7.24
Bacon & Swiss Buttery Jack®$7.86
Double Jack®$7.99
Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger™$8.61
Ultimate Cheeseburger™$8.11
Sourdough Jack®$7.89
Jumbo Jack® Cheeseburger$4.24
Jumbo Jack®$3.99
Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger$2.86
Jr. Jumbo Jack® Cheeseburger$3.24
Jr. Jumbo Jack®$2.86


Cluck Sandwich$7.49
Jack’s Spicy Chicken® w/ Cheese$7.86
Jack’s Spicy Chicken®$7.49
Homestyle Ranch Chicken Club$7.86
Chicken Nuggets (10)$4.61
Chicken Nuggets (5)$3.29
Chicken Sandwich$2.36
Chicken Fajita Pita$7.49
Chicken Teriyaki Bowl$7.99


Tiny Tacos (15 pcs)$4.36
Loaded Tiny Tacos$5.61
Two Tacos$1.86


Curly Fry$4.49
French Fry$4.19
Onion Rings$4.61
Halfsie Fries$3.00
Stuffed Jalapenos (3)$4.74
Stuffed Jalapenos (7)$5.99
Jumbo Egg Roll (1)$3.61
Jumbo Egg Rolls (3)$5.36
White Rice$3.00
Tree Top Apple Sauce Pouch$1.79


Pineapple Express Shake$4.99
Oreo® Shake$4.99
Chocolate Shake$4.99
Vanilla Shake$4.99
Strawberry Shake$4.99
Mini Churros$1.79
Chocolate Overload™ Cake$2.79
New York Style Cheesecake$2.88


Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar$2.99
Diet Coke®$2.99
Dr Pepper$2.99
Diet Dr Pepper$2.99
Barq’s® Rootbeer$2.99
Diet Barq’s® Rootbeer$2.99
Hi-C® Punch$2.99
Minute Maid® Lemonade$2.99
Vanilla Sweet Cream Iced Coffee$3.79
Caramel Sweet Cream Iced Coffee$3.79
Mocha Sweet Cream Iced Coffee$3.79
Black Iced Coffee$3.74
High Mountain Arabica Coffee$1.89
Decaf High Mountain Arabica Coffee$1.89
Minute Maid® 100% Apple Juice$1.69
Dasani® Bottled Water$1.89
FUZE® Iced Tea$2.99
Zero Sugar FUZE® Iced Tea$2.99
Simply Orange Juice®$2.79


All American Ribeye Steakhouse Burger Combo$11.49
Bacon All American Ribeye Steakhouse Burger Combo$12.49
Classic Buttery Jack® w/Swiss cheese Combo$12.35
Bacon & Swiss Buttery Jack® Combo$12.98
Double Jack® Combo$13.10
Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger™ Combo$13.60
Ultimate Cheeseburger™ Combo$13.23
Sourdough Jack® Combo$12.98
Jumbo Jack® Cheeseburger Combo$9.35
Jumbo Jack® Combo$8.98


Grilled Chicken Sandwich Combo$11.79
Cluck Sandwich Combo$11.95
Homestyle Ranch Chicken Club Combo$12.98
Chicken Nuggets (10) Combo$9.60
Crispy Chicken Strips (3) Combo$12.49
Crispy Chicken Strips (5) Combo$13.99
Jack’s Spicy Chicken® Combo$12.60
Jack’s Spicy Chicken® w/ Cheese Combo$12.98
Chicken Fajita Pita Combo$12.60
Chicken Teriyaki Bowl Combo$12.49


Build Your Own Munchie Meal$10.00


Jumbo Breakfast Platter W/ Bacon And French Toast Sticks Combo$9.99
Jumbo Breakfast Platter W/ Sausage And French Toast Sticks Combo$9.99
Jumbo Breakfast Platter W/ Sausage, Bacon And French Toast Sticks Combo$10.49
Supreme Croissant Combo$7.29
Sausage Croissant Combo$7.29
Grande Sausage Breakfast Burrito Combo$7.79
Meat Lovers Breakfast Burrito Combo$7.79
Loaded Breakfast Sandwich Combo$7.79
Extreme Sausage® Sandwich Combo$7.79
Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich Combo$7.79
Grilled Sourdough Swiss Breakfast Combo$7.79
Breakfast Jack® Combo$5.79
Jumbo Breakfast Platter Bacon & Sausage Combo$9.61
Jumbo Breakfast Platter w/ Bacon Combo$8.99
Jumbo Breakfast Platter w/ Sausage Combo$8.99
Bacon Breakfast Jack® Combo$6.49
Sausage Breakfast Jack® Combo$6.29


Supreme Croissant$4.79
Sausage Croissant$4.79
Grande Sausage Breakfast Burrito$5.29
Jumbo Breakfast Platter W/ Bacon And French Toast Sticks$7.49
Jumbo Breakfast Platter W/ Sausage And French Toast Sticks$7.49
Jumbo Breakfast Platter W/ Sausage, Bacon And French Toast Sticks$7.99
Meat Lovers Breakfast Burrito$5.29
Grilled Sourdough Swiss Breakfast Sandwich$5.29
Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich$5.49
Extreme Sausage® Sandwich$5.29
Loaded Breakfast Sandwich$5.29
3pc French Toast Sticks W/ Syrup$2.00
6pc French Toast Sticks W/ Syrup$4.00
Jumbo Breakfast Platter w/ Bacon$5.49
Jumbo Breakfast Platter w/ Sausage$5.49
Jumbo Breakfast platter Bacon & Sausage$5.99
Bacon Breakfast Jack®$3.99
Sausage Breakfast Jack®$3.99
Breakfast Jack®$2.99
Mini Pancakes$1.79
Hash Browns$2.19


Fan Favs w/Mozzarella Sticks$10.00


Club Salad W/ Grilled Chicken$7.99
Club Salad W/ Crispy Chicken$7.99
Grilled Chicken Salad$7.99
Southwest Chicken Salad (Grilled)$7.99
Southwest Chicken Salad (Crispy)$7.99
Side Salad$2.69


Chicken Nuggets (5) Meal$5.49
Chicken Nuggets (5)$3.29
Hamburger Meal$5.19
Cheeseburger Meal$5.49

Bestseller Items

Below you are being given the list & detail of such food items, which are the best-selling menu items of this restaurant.

Jumbo Jack – Seasoned beef patty is topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup, mayo, and onions to make this classic burger. and served on a buttery bakery bun.

Ultimate Cheeseburger – A burger that is loaded with 2x beef patties, bacon, two kinds of cheese (American and Swiss), ketchup mustard, and mayonnaise. served on a buttery bakery bun

Tacos – Jack in the Box’s tacos are the best-selling item. To make it, crispy corn tortillas are filled with seasoned beef, lettuce, and cheese. Plus it is topped with a special taco sauce.

Breakfast Jack – breakfast sandwich is loaded with grilled ham, a fried egg, and melty American cheese and served on a toasted buttery bakery bun.

Curly Fries – whenever you go to Jack in the Box restaurant you should eat seasoned fries. these delicious curly fries are very popular as side items

Spicy Chicken Sandwich – This sandwich is loaded with a crispy chicken patty topped with spicy sauce, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. served on a toasted bun.

Sourdough Jack – it is made using seasoned beef, hickory smoked bacon, tomato, melty Swiss style cheese, lettuce, mayo, and ketchup on toasted sourdough bread.


In 1941, Robert Oscar Peterson opened Topsy’s Drive-In on El Cajon Boulevard. Although he used to run many successful restaurants by this time.

In 1947, Peterson obtained the rights to the intercom ordering concept from George Manos. Four years later, in 1951, Peterson eventually converted El Cajon Boulevard into a hamburger stand. It was the first drive-through restaurant chain to use a two-way intercom system. This Technique made the service of traditional drive-up windows faster.

In this drive-thru burger stand, you could place orders without leaving your cars. Because this concept was new at that time. Therefore, due to this, this company got popularity very quickly.

In the 1960s and 1970s, Jack in the Box expanded rapidly in other states of America as well. During this, many types of options were included in the menu, so that people can get a variety of options.

As of now, Jack in the Box has over 2,200 locations in 21 states across the US. It includes Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Washington.

The name Jack in the Box is inspired by his childhood toy. This toy was a spring-loaded box, and the person who opened it was surprised.

The purpose of opening this restaurant was to provide customers with high quality as well as fast, convenient variety of burgers, sandwiches, sides, and breakfast items.

Delivery service

Jack in the Box provides you only Carry-out & drive-thru service. You can visit their official website to place online orders.

This company provides you delivery service through third-party delivery partners Uber Eats, Grubhub, DoorDash, and Postmates.

  • To place an online order, customers can visit the official website of the delivery partners. Here you have to select food items from the menu.
  • Here are the steps to place order at Jack in the Box delivery service:
  • Visit the delivery service provider’s official website.
  • Enter your delivery address to see if delivery service is available in the locality.
  • If delivery service is available, browse the menu and select the items you want to order.
  • Proceed to checkout and enter your payment information.
  • Confirm your order and wait for order.
  • You can also see the status of your order.

Career in Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box offers a variety of career opportunities, including Crew Member, Shift Manager, and General Manager.

It also offers corporate career options like finance, marketing, human resources, and operations. However, to apply for all these positions, there is a requirement of specialised skills, and education. In this, appropriate training is given to pursue a career. Which is necessary for you to understand the working system of the corporate sector.

To apply for a job at Jack in the Box, you have to follow the following steps.

  • Visit the Jack in the Box official website at www.jackinthebox.com.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Careers” Option under the “Company” section.
  • On the Careers page, you can browse positions by location or job category. Click on a job title to view the job description, eligibility criteria, and requirements.
  • If you find a job you’re interested in, click the “Apply Now” to begin the application process.
  • Follow the prompts to create an account and fill out the online application. You will need to provide your personal information, employment history, education, and other relevant details.
  • You may also be asked to upload a resume.
  • after providing all the necessary information click on submit button
  • You will receive an email confirmation that your application has been received.
  • After this, your documents are checked.

If you fulfill all the eligibility criteria, then you are called for the interview.

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