Jimmy John’s Menu Price List 2024 USA

Jimmy John’s is an American Sandwich Restaurant Chain, started 40 years ago on January 13, 1983 in Charleston, Illinois. This company serves sandwiches at more than 2,750 locations in the United States of America. The updated Jimmy John’s Menu 2024 is given below.

Jimmy John’s Sandwiches Menu 2024 USA [UPDATED]


Caprese Salami Pesto$11.99$22.15


Caprese Pesto$11.99$22.15
#3 Totally Tuna$8.49$16.39
#6 The Veggie$8.49$16.39
#15 Club Tuna$9.99$18.39


Red Velvet Cookie$2.65


Caprese Salami Pesto Combo$13.54
Favorite Combo$13.59
Original Combo$12.39
Little John Combo$9.99
J.J. Gargantuan® Combo$17.07
Slim Combo$9.91
Giant Caprese Salami Pesto Combo$23.51
Giant Favorite Combo$21.21
Giant Original Combo$19.37
Giant J.J. Gargantuan® Combo$28.11
Giant Slim Combo$16.15


#7 Spicy East Coast Italian$9.99$18.29
#8 Billy Club$9.99$18.29
#9 Italian Night Clu$9.99$18.29
#10 Hunter’s Club$9.99$18.29
#11 Country Club$9.99$18.29
#12 Beach Club®$9.99$18.29
#13 Jimmy Cubano®$9.99$18.29
#14 Bootlegger Club®$9.99$18.29
#15 Club Tuna®$9.99$18.29
#16 Club Lulu®$9.99$18.29
#17 Ultimate Porker®$9.99$18.29


#1 The Pepe®$8.39$15.99
#2 Big John®$8.39$15.99
#3 Totally Tuna®$8.39$15.99
#4 Turkey Tom®$8.39$15.99
#5 Vito®$8.39$15.99
#6 The Veggie$8.39$15.99


Little John #1$5.99
Little John #2$5.99
Little John #3$5.99
Little John #4$5.99
Little John #5$5.99
Little John #6$5.99
Little John B.L.T.$5.99


The J.J. Gargantuan$13.99$25.99


Slim 1$6.89$12.59
Slim 2$6.89$12.59
Slim 3$6.89$12.59
Slim 4$6.89$12.59
Slim 5$6.89$12.59
Slim 6$6.89$12.59


Fresh Baked French Bread$2.50


Jimmy Chips$1.99
Jumbo Kosher Dill Jimmy Pickles$1.25
Kickin’ Ranch$0.49
Side of Avocado Spread$2.50


Bottled Water$2.29
Diet Coke$2.99
Iced Tea – Unsweet$2.79
Iced Tea – Sweet$2.79
Monster® Energy$3.79

History of Jimmy John’s

The first restaurant of Jimmy John’s was started by Jimmy John Liautaud on January 13, 1983 in  Charleston, Illinois, United States.

After Jimmy John’s graduation, his father gave him two choices, either join the army or start a business.

Jimmy chose the second option. His father gave him a loan of $25000 but in return took 48% stake in the business.

Initially, Jimmy John wanted to open a hot dog stand but after visiting different types of hot dog stands he realized that $25000 is not enough to start this business.

After thinking of various ideas, Jimmy John finally decided to open a sandwich shop. It was decided to include four sandwiches in the original menu of this sandwich shop.

Eventually, on January 13, 1983, Jimmy John’s opened the first sandwich shop in Charleston, Illinois.

Because this restaurant was in such a place, where very few people used to come to buy sandwiches, Jimmy started the delivery service to provide a boost to the business.

At the end of this year, the company also started making profit. In 1985, Jimmy John’s acquired all the stakes of this company.

In 1986, this company opened a second store in Macomb, Illinois. The next year, a third store was opened in Champaign, Illinois.

In 1994, Jimmy John’s Company started franchising. In 2001, the company’s total number of stores reached 100. By 2002, this number increased to 200.

In 2007, the 500th store opened in Seattle, Washington, and in 2010, the 1,000th opened in Beaverton, Oregon. In 2017, Jimmy John’s had almost 3,000 stores.

Delivery Service

Pickup, Drive thru & Delivery all three services are available at Jimmy John’s. Visit www.jimmyjohns.com/menu to avail delivery service. Place order by selecting your favourite Sandwiches, Sides from their menu.

Keep in mind that your Total Order should be more than the minimum order value. If you fulfil this criteria, then only you can check out. Within a given time your Food will be delivered to your home.

The option of Schedule Your Order is also available in Delivery Service, in which you are asked to select Time from the drop-down list box. Your order is delivered to your doorstep at the time slot chosen by you.

Career in Jimmy John’s

Do you want to make your career at Jimmy John’s Sandwich Store?

This company takes your career to the heights. Because here you are provided that type of environment, by which you sharpen your skills more along with boosting their company.

By visiting https://careers.jimmyjohns.com you can apply for Team Member, Delivery Driver, Store Management, Operations Consultant etc. Which you are given various types of benefits & perks like Flexible Schedule Options, Employees Discounts, Paid Time off, Short & Long Term Disability, Parental & Maternity Leave, Quarterly Bonus, Life Insurance, Tuition Benefits, Medical, Dental & Vision etc.

Freaky Fast Rewards

To become a member of FREAKY FAST REWARDS, you have to open Jimmy John’s Online Ordering account. For this visit https://online.jimmyjohns.com/signup. After filling First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Email id, Password & DOB, click on Create Account. This will create your account.

Use this account whenever you place an order. The more orders you place, the more rewards you earn.

To redeem Freaky Fast Rewards, click on the redeem option in Jimmy John’s account. You are given Free Sandwiches, Sides, and Drinks as Rewards.

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