KFC Menu with Prices 2024 Canada

KFC is an international fast-food restaurant chain, started in Canada in 1955. It offers fried chicken, chicken sandwiches, desserts, French fries, and salads in Canada. If you want to see the updated KFC menu 2024, check the table given below.

Currently, KFC is serving Fried Chicken & Chicken sandwiches in more than 650 stores in Canada. Due to this, it comes in Top Fast Food Chains in Canada.

KFC Menu 2024 Canada [UPDATED]


Menu ItemPrice
Family Bucket FeastCA$48.99
KFC Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich Box MealCA$16.99
Family Bucket MealCA$39.99
Family BucketCA$31.99
KFC Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich ComboCA$12.59
KFC Famous Chicken Chicken SandwichCA$10.09
KFC Spicy Famous Chicken Chicken SandwichCA$10.09


Menu ItemPrice
KFC Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich Box MealCA$16.79
KFC Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich ComboCA$12.69
KFC Famous Chicken Chicken SandwichCA$9.99
KFC Spicy Famous Chicken Chicken SandwichCA$9.99


Menu ItemPrice
6 Piece Bucket And 2 Large SidesCA$28.99
10 Piece Bucket And 3 Large SidesCA$36.99
14 Piece Bucket And 4 Large SidesCA$46.99
18 Piece Bucket And 5 Large SidesCA$56.99
6 Piece BucketCA$18.99
10 Piece BucketCA$29.29
14 Piece BucketCA$37.99
18 Piece BucketCA$46.99


Menu ItemPrice
Variety BucketCA$42.99
Boneless BucketCA$34.99
Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich BundleCA$39.99
25 Piece Party PackCA$64.99
Sports PackCA$64.99


Menu ItemPrice
KFC Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich Box MealCA$16.49
4 Piece Chicken BoxCA$15.49
Boneless Box MealCA$15.69
Big Crunch BoxCA$15.49
Spicy Big Crunch BoxCA$15.49
Wicked Zinger BoxCA$15.69
Double Tender Sandwich BoxCA$13.59
Spicy Double Tender Sandwich BoxCA$13.59
Big Crunch Stacker BoxCA$18.69
Spicy Big Crunch Stacker BoxCA$18.69


Menu ItemPrice
KFC Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich ComboCA$12.59
Big Crunch Sandwich ComboCA$11.59
Zinger Sandwich ComboCA$11.59
Double Tender Sandwich ComboCA$9.59
Spicy Double Tender ComboCA$9.59
Plant-based Sandwich ComboCA$14.69
Spicy Plant-based Sandwich ComboCA$14.69
Twister ComboCA$14.69
Zinger Twister ComboCA$14.69
Big Crunch Stacker ComboCA$14.69
Spicy Big Crunch Stacker ComboCA$14.69
KFC Famous Chicken Chicken SandwichCA$9.99
KFC Spicy Famous Chicken SandwichCA$9.99
Big Crunch SandwichCA$8.99
Spicy Big Crunch SandwichCA$8.99
Double Tender SandwichCA$6.99
Spicy Double Tender SandwichCA$6.99
Plant-based SandwichCA$9.99
Spicy Plant-based SandwichCA$9.99
Zinger SandwichCA$8.99
Zinger TwisterCA$8.99
Big Crunch Stacker SandwichCA$11.99
Spicy Crunch StackerCA$11.99


Menu ItemPrice
2 Piece Chicken ComboCA$10.69
3 Piece Chicken ComboCA$12.69
4 Piece Chicken ComboCA$13.99


Menu ItemPrice
Boneless ComboCA$13.59
3 Original Recipe Tenders ComboCA$11.59
Popcorn Chicken ComboCA$9.99


Menu ItemPrice
Go Bucket SliderCA$4.99
Go Bucket – 2 Original Recipe TendersCA$4.99
Go Bucket – Popcorn ChickenCA$4.99
Original Recipe SliderCA$3.99
Spicy Original Recipe SliderCA$3.99
Small Popcorn ChickenCA$7.59
Popcorn PoutineCA$8.59
3 Original Recipe TendersCA$8.99
6 Original Recipe TendersCA$14.99
1 DrumstickCA$3.99
2 Hot WingsCA$4.49
5 Hot WingsCA$8.49
20 Hot WingsCA$26.99
2 Piece ChickenCA$7.99
3 Piece ChickenCA$9.99


Menu ItemPrice
FriesFrom CA$3.49
GravyFrom CA$2.49
Homestyle ColeslawFrom CA$2.99
Macaroni SaladFrom CA$2.99
Potato SaladFrom CA$2.99
Original Recipe Seasoned CornFrom CA$2.99
PepsiFrom CA$2.99
591ml Pepsi Zero SugarCA$3.49
Diet PepsiFrom CA$2.99
7upFrom CA$2.99
Brisk Iced TeaFrom CA$2.99
450ml Dole Orange JuiceCA$3.49
450ml Dole Apple JuiceCA$3.49
Lime BublyCA$2.99
Blackberry BublyCA$2.99
Buttermilk Ranch DipCA$0.50
Sweet N Smokey BbqCA$0.50
Carolina Honey MustardCA$0.50
Southern PlumCA$0.50


Menu ItemPrice
4 Pack Of KFC S’more BrownieCA$9.59
KFC S’more BrownieCA$2.99
6 Pack Of Chocolate Chip CookiesCA$7.59
Chocolate Chip CookieCA$1.89

Bestseller Items of KFC

KFC is one of the Most Popular Food Chains in Canada. Thousands of customers come here every day and taste the Most Popular & Best Seller Items here- Below you are given the list and information of some popular Bestseller items-

Original Recipe Chicken – This is one of the flagship items of the KFC Menu. To make this, Canadian farm-raised chicken is first seasoned and breaded. KFC’s signature blend of 11 herbs and spices is used for coating. After this, it is fried. This chicken of KFC is crispy, flavorful on the outside, and juicy on the inside. It is available in pieces, buckets, sandwiches, wraps, combo meals, etc.

Popcorn Chicken – This is another Best Selling Item of KFC. Which is made by seasoning, breaded, and deep-fried bite-sized pieces of chicken. Because they are comparatively small in size. So if you go to KFC Restaurant with your kids, then this would be a very good option for them. Being Crunchy & Juicy, it is a good snack option for Canadians. served with dipping sauces like barbecue sauce and honey mustard.

Zinger Sandwich – This is one of the most popular sandwiches for Kentucky Fried Chicken. Which is loaded with Spicy seasoned chicken breast. It is topped with lettuce, spicy mayo, sliced tomatoes, and pickles. served on a soft bun. This is the best option for those who like spicy food.

Big Crunch Sandwich – This is another Bestseller Sandwich on KFC Menu. To provide it crispy taste, it is first breaded and seasoned. To enhance the flavour, a special blend of herbs and spices is coated. After that, it is deep fried till golden-brown Holi. Which provides it juicy, tender interior taste.

Fries and Gravy – This is the most popular side item in KFC, which is served as a side dish with fried chicken, sandwiches, or wraps. To make fries, it is first deep fried. Because of this, they become crispy. After frying, it is lightly seasoned with salt.

History of KFC Canada

KFC is also known as Kentucky Fried Chicken. KFC started in Canada in 1955 from Saskatoon.

Along with this, KFC took the first step in the international market, after this, in the 1960s, KFC started expansion through franchisees in different countries, under which many restaurants were opened.

Entrepreneurs interested in operating KFC restaurants were attracted to franchising. Due to this rapid expansion started in this company.

Apart from this, KFC made various changes to the menu from time to time. Sandwiches, wraps, salads, fries, desserts, and beverages are included.

KFC stores were opened in standalone restaurants, drive-thru locations, mall food courts, etc., making this fast food company a daily necessity for Canadians.

At present, KFC is providing KFC Restaurant Service at more than 650 locations nationwide in Canada.

Delivery service

You can get the facility of delivery from the KFC Canada official website. For this, you have to visit www.kfc.ca/menu. After selecting the delivery option, the KFC Menu will open.

Whatever item you want to order from the menu, you have to select it. Fried Chicken sandwiches will be delivered to your doorstep in the given time duration after payment.

In addition to the KFC official website, you can order KFC Menu Items using various delivery platforms like Uber Eats, SkipTheDishes, and DoorDash.

Keep in mind that some KFC items are only available for in-store dining.

Career at KFC Canada

In KFC Canada, you can make your career in Restaurant or Corporate Sector.

For this, you have to select the job according to your skill. To apply for this job, you have to visit the career website www.kfc.ca/career.

After entering the city name or postal code, a list of all available jobs will appear in front of you. After clicking on Apply Now the form will open in front of you.

After submitting all the details and resume in the form, your application will be sent.

If you fulfil all the criteria, you will be selected.

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