Mang Inasal Menu Price 2024 Philippines

Company Mang Inasal is a barbecue fast food restaurant chain started 19 years ago in December, 2003, which was started by Edgar “Injap” Sia at the age of 26. He developed the skill of taking risks, negotiating ability from Restaurant started in 250 square meters. Because he knew that there is a lot of potential in the BBQ business, and this industry in the Philippines is going to grow a lot after a few years. You have given Updated Mang Inasal Menu with Price List PDF 2024 Below.

Assuming this growth, this company started its first branch in Visayan region. It was then expanded to BBQ Restaurant in Mindanao, Metro Manila.

Mang Inasal Menu with Price List 2024 Philippines [UPDATED]


PM2 – Pecho Solo₱115.00
PM6 – Bangus Inihaw Solo₱9109.00
PM3 – Pork BBQ 2 pcs. with Drink₱119.00
PM1 – Paa with Drink₱119.00
PM2 – Pecho with Drink₱125.00
PM4 – Bangus Sisig Solo₱109.00
PM5 – Pork Sisig Solo₱109.00
PM1.5 – Spicy Paa Solo₱109.00
PM4 – Bangus Sisig with Drink₱119.00
PM3 – Pork BBQ 2 pcs. Solo₱109.00
PM5 – Pork Sisig with Drink₱119.00
PM1 – Paa Solo₱109.00
PM6 – Bangus Inihaw with Drink₱119.00
PM1.5 – Spicy Paa with Drink₱119.00


Sago’t Gulaman₱33.00
Iced Tea Large₱44.00
Soft Drink Regular₱33.00
Iced Tea Regular₱33.00
Soft Drink Large₱41.00

Empanada Combos

Empanada Combo 2Palabok Solo + 1 pc Chicken Empanada₱119
6 pcs Empanada6 pcs Chicken Empanada₱328
Empanada ( Value Meal ) 1 pc Chicken Empanada with drink₱69
Empanada Combo 1Pinoy Halo-Halo Small + 1 pc Chicken Empanada₱1019
Empanada (Solo)1 pc Chicken Empanada₱59

Sulit Meals

SM1 – Paa with Drink₱73.00
SM2 – Pork BBQ 1pc with Drink₱73.0
SM2 – Pork BBQ 1pc Solo₱64.00
SM1 – Paa Solo₱64.00


Diniguan at Puto Solo₱53.00
Diniguan at Puto with Drink₱63.00
Pansit Bihon with Drink₱63.00
Pansit Bihon Solo₱53.00

Todo Solb Meal

Value MealSolo
Todo Solb Pecho Large Triple RicePecho Large with 3 rice, half Chicken Palabok and soup₱199₱179
Todo Solb Paa Large Triple RicePaa Large with 3 rice, half Chicken Palabok and soup₱185₱165
Todo Solb Pecho LargePecho Large with 1 rice, half Chicken Palabok, soup and drink₱186₱165
Todo Solb Paa LargePaa Large with 1 rice, half Chicken Palabok, soup and drink₱164₱170


Halo-Halo Regular₱43.00
Leche Flan₱33.00
Halo-Halo Sepcial₱53.00
Turon Split₱43.0


SoloValue Meal
Bangus Sisig Triple RiceBangus Sisig with 3 rice₱140₱156
Chicken Sisig Triple RiceChicken Sisig with 3 rice₱120₱137
Bangus SisigBangus Sisig with 1 rice₱119₱135
Bangus Sisig Family SizeGood for 5 people₱399
Chicken SisigChicken Sisig with 1 rice₱99₱119
Chicken Sisig Family SizeGood for 5 people₱350N/A

Pork BBQ

SoloValue Meal
Pork BBQ Family Size10 sticks Pork BBQ₱382N/A
Pork BBQ Triple Rice2 sticks Pork BBQ with 3 rice₱120₱137
Pork BBQ Buddy Size4 sticks Pork BBQ₱152
1 Stick Pork BBQ1 stick Pork BBQ with 1 rice₱60₱72
2 Sticks Pork BBQ2 sticks Pork BBQ with 1 rice₱104₱119


Crema de Leche Halo-Halo₱79₱95
Pinoy Halo-Halo₱68₱93


SoloValue Meal
Chicken Palabok Family SizeGood for 4-5 people₱239
PalabokChicken Palabok₱69₱77
Palabok with Pinoy Halo-HaloChicken Palabok with Pinoy Halo-Halo Small₱119₱123

 Drinks and Beverages

Iced Red Gulaman₱45₱55
Coke Zero₱45₱55
Coke Regular 1.5L₱109


Plain Rice₱25
Chicken Oil Sachet₱8
Toyomansi Sachet₱8
Leche Flan₱35

Which company owns Mang Inasal?

In October 2010, Jollibee Foods Corporation acquired a 70% share of Mang Inasal. Which was worth about $ 68.8 million. After this, in April 2016, the remaining 30% stake in JFC was acquired completely.

How Many Locations Mang Inasal World Wide Provide its Service?

Mang Inasal started its franchising in 2005. Till 2009, this company has opened more than 100 stores. This company achieved the fastest growth after the complete acquisition of JFC. Due to which more than 450 stores of this company have been opened nationwide so far.

New Latest Menu [Philippines]

Here you get Empanada, Fiesta Meal, Family Combo Savers, Chicken Inasal, Pork BBQ, Halo Halo, Palabok, Todo Solb Meal, Liempo Inasal, Sisig, Palabok, Inumin, Inumin Plain Rice, Java Rice etc.

What is the best items available at Mang Inasal?

By the way, here you get different types of dishes, which are very good. But grilled chicken barbecue is the most juicy food here, in which a variety of flavors are mixed, which you can experience by eating it. Apart from this, beef and milkfish are also one of the best foods, you are definitely going to like its sourness.

Does Mang Inasal satisfy Filipino customers?

Mang Inasal serves other Filipino Taste along with Grilled chicken and pork barbeque as its main product, which is why it is preferred by the Filipinos makers. This is also the reason for liking it more, that where you get unlimited rice promo options, from which everyone enjoys a lot.

CAREER Opportunities

Mang Inasal believes that only the Employees working in the company decide how well the company will perform. If Employees are healthy and positive towards their work, then they form a Happy Customer Base.

If you are a University Graduate, then you can become a part of Mang Inasal, Fastest Growing Company of Philippines. And you can take this company to a higher level.

You should not join this company because it is whitewashing you on the job, but you should join so that you can showcase your talent and grow your skills.

Management Trainee

This is the best career opportunity for graduates student. For which the following eligibility is required-

  • Candidates should have at least Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management or any business-related course.
  • Be comfortable to work in shifting schedules.
  • He should have people management skills so that he can provide very good customer service.
  • Have a good knowledge about the Food Service Industry.


Apart from this, if you have Exceptional Talent of Finance, Marketing, Engineering etc., then you can use this Talent & Skill in this company to take this business on a large scale. Below you are given some professional posts-

  • Quality Assurance Assistant
  • Restaurant Systems Officer (Equipment Development)
  • Research and Development Manager
  • Area Manager
  • Research and Development Specialist
  • Research and Development Officer
  • Finance Officer
  • administrative assistant
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Manufacturing Assistant
  • Manufacturing Supervisor
  • Site Logistics Assistant Manager
  • HR Officer

Reheating Procedure For Take-out & Delivery


Microwave – if You are using Microwave. Use Microwaveable Containers and Place 1 Cup Of Water Beside Containers and Set setting to medium For the Duration of 1 Minute 30 Seconds. 

FRYING PAN – If you have Pan. Heat 30 sec per side On medium flame until it warms. 

Reheating Procedure For PORK BBQ? 

MICROWAVE – You have to Heat Pork For only 30 seconds Placing 1 cup of water beside Microwaveable Containers & Set setting to medium. Don’t Overheat it. 

OVEN TOASTER – for Oven Toaster it should be heated at least 2-3 Minutes. 

How to Reheat LIEMPO INASAL? 

MICROWAVE – if you have 1-2 Pcs, heat it for 30 seconds only. but for 4 pcs it should be heated for 60 seconds at medium setting.  

FRYING PAN – Preheated pan over medium flame with oil for 2 mins for 1 – 2 pc & 2 mins 30 secs for 4 pcs. 

How to Reheat SISIG? 

MICROWAVE – Heat For 30 secs to place 1 cup of water beside microwaveable containers  to Set setting to medium. 

FRYING PAN – Heating Duration should be 30 secs & 60 secs for Pork Sisig & Bangus Sisig Respectively using Preheated pan over medium flame with oil. 

How to Reheat PALABOK? 

MICROWAVE – Heat on Medium setting for 30 secs placing 1 cup of water beside containers. 

FRYING PAN – if You are Using a Frying Pan. Heat on low Medium Flame For 1.5 to 2 Minutes. 

How to Reheat EMPANADA? 

OVEN TOASTER – Remove Empanada Packaging before Heating. 1 minute 45 seconds is enough to heat to make it Fresh & Delicious.

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