McDo (McDonald’s) Menu Price 2024 Philippines

McDonald’s is an American-based fast food chain. Which opened its first McDo restaurant in the Philippines 41 years ago on 27 September 1981 in Sampaloc, Manila City. McDo offers McDonald’s Burgers, McChicken, French Fries, McSpaghetti, McDo Chicken, McNuggets McCafé, Rice Bowls, Dessert & Drinks. Updated McDo Menu Price List 2024 Philippines is given below.

In the Philippines, this company is operated by Golden Arches Development Corporation, a subsidiary of Alliance Global Group. Currently, McDo provides service to more than 655 locations in the Philippines. And about 65000 employees are trying to make this company successful.

McDo Menu with Price List 2024 Philippines [Updated]

McDonald’s Burgers

Big Mac Solo₱179
McChicken Solo₱134
Cheesy Burger McDo Solo₱62
Double Cheeseburger Solo₱129
Double Big Mac Solo₱241
Burger McDo Solo₱44
Cheeseburger Solo₱74
The BCB Solo₱190
Double McChicken Solo₱168
McCrispy Chicken Sandwich Solo₱57
Triple Cheeseburger Solo₱169
Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese Solo₱171
Double Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese Solo₱249
Big Mac Meal₱229
Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese Meal₱229
Cheeseburger Meal₱154
McCrispy Chicken Sandwich Meal₱141
The BCB Meal₱252
Cheeseburger Deluxe Meal₱179
Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese, Lettuce, & Tomatoes Meal₱254
Double McChicken Meal₱230
McChicken Meal₱197
McCrispy Chicken Sandwich w/ Lettuce & Tomatoes Meal₱166
Double Cheeseburger w/ Lettuce & Tomatoes Meal₱216
Burger McDo w/ Lettuce & Tomatoes Meal₱156
Double Big Mac Meal₱303
Double Cheeseburger Meal₱191
Double Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese Meal₱309
Cheesy Burger McDo w/ Lettuce & Tomatoes Meal₱160
Cheesy Burger McDo Meal₱135
Burger McDo Meal₱139
Triple Cheeseburger Meal. ₱230


McSpaghetti Solo₱69
1-Pc Chicken McDo & McSpaghetti Solo₱118
Mega Meal – Chicken McDo w/ Rice & McSpaghetti₱171
1-pc. Spicy Chicken McDo w/ McSpaghetti Meal₱179
Mega Meal – Chicken McDo w/ McSpaghetti & Sundae₱182
1-Pc Chicken McDo & McSpaghetti Medium Meal₱175
McSpaghetti with Fries Medium Meal₱144
Mega Meal – Spicy Chicken McDo w/ Rice & McSpaghetti₱175
Mega Meal – Spicy Chicken McDo w/ McSpaghetti & Sundae₱186
McSpaghetti Platter₱245
McSpaghetti with Burger McDo Medium Meal₱138

Group Meals

Mccrispy Chicken Fillet with Apple Pie Mcshare₱259
Mcspaghetti Good For 15₱660
Mcspaghetti Good For 20₱880
15-Pc. Spicy Chicken Mcshare Box₱870
10-Pc. Chicken Mcnuggets Solo₱204
20-Pc. Chicken Mcnuggets Solo₱516
6-Pc. Chicken Mcshare Box₱417
40-Pc. Chicken Mcnuggets₱740
80-Pc. Chicken Mcnuggets₱1480
10-Pc. Chicken McShare Box₱633
Mcspaghetti Good For 10₱440
Plain Rice Good for 15₱360
Snack Burger Mcshare₱380
Mccrispy Chicken Fillet with Coke Mcfloat Mcshare₱249
McCrispy Chicken Fillet A La King with Apple Pie Mcshare₱249
8-Pc. Chicken Mcshare Box₱549
20-Pc. Spicy Chicken Mcshare Box₱1160
Plain Rice Good for 20₱475
10-pc. Spicy Chicken McNuggets₱226
20-pc. Spicy Chicken McNuggets₱431
BFF Fries N’ McFloat Combo₱259
BFF Shake Shake Fries BBQ N’ McFloat Combo₱275
Mcshare Bundle For 3₱589
60-Pc. Chicken Mcnuggets₱1110
15-Pc. Chicken Mcshare Box₱825
BFF Fries Good For 15₱1025
Mcshare Bundle For 4₱809
Mcspaghetti Platter₱242
BFF Shake Shake Fries Cheese N’ McFloat Combo₱275
Mccrispy Chicken Fillet ALa King w/ Coke Mcfloat Mcshare₱249
BFF Fries Good For 10₱655
Plain Rice Good for 10₱245
BFF Fries Good For 20₱1280
20-Pc. Chicken Mcshare Box₱1265
10-Pc. Spicy Chicken Mcshare Box₱580

McDonald’s Chicken

Mega Meal – Spicy Chicken McDo w/ McSpaghetti & Sundae₱186
Mega Meal – Chicken McDo w/ Rice & McSpaghetti₱171
1-pc. Chicken McDo w/ McSpaghetti Meal₱175
1-pc. Chicken McDo & Mushroom Soup Meal₱160
1-pc. Spicy Chicken McDo & Fries Meal₱160
10-pc. Spicy Chicken McNuggets₱226
1-pc. Spicy Chicken McDo w/ McSpaghetti Meal₱179
1-pc. Spicy Chicken McDo & Mushroom Soup Meal₱169
McCrispy Chicken Fillet Ala King Meal₱103
McCrispy Chicken Fillet Ala King w/ Fries Meal₱140
1-pc. Chicken McDo & Fries Meal₱156
Mega Meal – Chicken McDo w/ Fries & McFlurry₱197
1-pc. Spicy Chicken McDo w/ McSpaghetti Meal₱175
6-pc. Chicken McNuggets w/ Fries Meal₱196
2-pc. Spicy Chicken McDo Meal₱211
6pc Spicy Chicken McNuggets Solo₱149
Mega Meal – Spicy Chicken McDo w/ Fries & Burger McDo₱193
10-pc Chicken McNuggets w/ 3-Cheese Dip₱210
2-pc. Chicken McDo Meal₱207
McCrispy Chicken Fillet Meal₱100
6-pc. Chicken McNuggets₱129
6-pc Chicken McNuggets w/ 3-Cheese Dip₱135
Mega Meal – Chicken McDo w/ McSpaghetti & Sundae₱182
6-pc Spicy Chicken McNuggets w/ Rice Meal₱199
10-pc. Chicken McNuggets₱204
McCrispy Chicken Fillet w/ Fries Meal₱135
Mega Meal – Chicken McDo w/ Fries & Burger McDo₱188
1-pc. Spicy Chicken McDo Meal₱120
1-pc. Chicken McDo Meal₱116
Mega Meal – Spicy Chicken McDo w/ Fries & McFlurry₱201
6-pc. Chicken McNuggets w/ Rice Meal₱177


McCafé Premium Roast Coffee₱49
McCafé Coffee Float₱79
McCafé Iced Coffee Original₱55
McCafé Iced Coffee Vanilla₱69
McCafé Iced Coffee Chocolate₱69
McCafé Iced Coffee Milky₱69
McCafé Iced Coffee Milky w/ Vanilla₱79
McCafé Iced Coffee Milky w/ Chocolate₱79
McCafé Iced Coffee Sweet Black₱55
McCafé Iced Coffee Sweet Black w/ Vanilla₱69
McCafé Iced Coffee Sweet Black w/ Chocolate₱69

Rice Bowls

2-pc. Mushroom Pepper Steak Solo₱109
2-pc. Mushroom Pepper Steak Meal₱145
1-pc. Mushroom Pepper Steak Solo₱79
1-pc. Mushroom Pepper Steak Meal₱109

Drinks & Desserts

Coke Zero₱69
Pineapple Juice₱75
Orange Juice₱75
Strawberry Banana Sundae₱39
McFlurry with Oreo₱59
Coke McFloat Medium₱49
Hot Caramel Sundae₱49
Matcha Sundae₱39
Lipton Iced Tea₱79
Coke Original₱69
Hot Fudge Sundae₱49
Apple Pie₱45
Chocolate Shake₱79

Fries & Extras

Medium Fries Solo₱79
Large Fries Solo₱99
BFF Fries₱169
Medium Shake Shake Fries BBQ₱89
Medium Shake Shake Fries Cheese₱89
BFF Shake Shake Fries Cheese N’ McFloat Combo Cheese₱285
BFF Shake Shake Fries BBQ N’ McFloat Combo BBQ₱285
Large Shake Shake Fries BBQ₱99
BFF Shake Shake Fries Nori₱165
Medium Shake Shake Fries N’ McFloat Combo Cheese₱119
Large Shake Shake Fries Nori₱99
Medium Shake Shake Fries N’ McFloat Combo Nori₱109
Large Shake Shake Fries N’ McFloat Combo Nori₱134
BFF Shake Shake Fries N’ McFloat Combo Nori₱257
BFF Shake Shake Fries Cheese₱160
BFF Shake Shake Fries BBQ₱160
Medium Fries N’ McFloat Combo₱108
Medium Shake Shake Fries N’ McFloat Combo BBQ₱119
Large Shake Shake Fries N’ McFloat Combo Cheese₱139
Extra Nori₱19
Extra Cheese Solo₱19
Extra Egg Solo₱25
Large Shake Shake Fries Cheese₱95
BFF Shake Shake Fries N’ McFloat Combo Cheese₱247
BFF Shake Shake Fries N’ McFloat Combo BBQ₱247
BFF Fries N’ McFloat Combo₱232
Large Fries N’ McFloat Combo₱119
Extra Plain Rice Solo₱39
Extra BBQ Sauce Solo₱15
Large Shake Shake Fries N’ McFloat Combo BBQ₱135
Extra BBQ Powder₱15
Extra McCrispy Chicken Fillet Ala King Sauce₱15
Extra McSpaghetti Sauce₱29
Medium Shake Shake Fries Nori₱79
Extra Mushroom Pepper Steak Sauce Solo₱15
Extra Gravy Solo₱15
Extra Mushroom Pepper Steak Sauce₱15
Extra Sweet and Sour Sauce Solo₱15
Extra Mayonnaise₱19

Happy Meal

1-pc. Chicken McDo Happy Meal₱175
4-pc. Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal₱169
McSpaghetti Happy Meal₱149
Cheesy Burger McDo Happy Meal₱155
Burger McDo Happy Meal₱139

McDonald’s in Philippines

McDonald’s was brought to the Philippines by Chinese-Filipino businessman George T. Yang. When George lived in the United States, at that time he saw that this fast food chain industry is doing very good business in North America as well as in other countries.

That’s why Yang started researching the Fast Food Business Industry. After this, he proposed to open outlets in the Philippines to McDo Headquarters. The proposal was rejected by the company.

After all kinds of study and research, finally in 1981 McDonalds entered the Philippine market. After this, this fast food company continuously left behind all the competitors by making a place in the heart of Filipinos.

At present McDonalds is providing Fast Food Service with the help of 65,000 Employees at more than 700 locations.

McDo Breakfast Menu

Early Morning Whenever you feel hungry. Either you should reach McD Restaurant or you should order food online from McDee. Especially there is a separate menu for breakfast here.

Melty cheese is wrapped in a folded egg to make Cheesy Eggdesal. And this sandwich is placed between a soft, toasted pandesal bun.

Sausage McMuffin with Egg – is made by using Freshly toasted English muffins, salty sausages taken off the pan, and warmed up with creamy, real American cheese and a freshly cooked Grade A egg.

2pc. Hotcakes with Sausage – Two golden brown hotcakes served with butter & sweet flavour of maple as well as salty sausages heated in a griddle.

Sausage Platter with Rice – Salted sausages heated in a griddle is served with hot garlic rice and fluffy scrambled eggs.

Egg McMuffin – Freshly Toasted English muffin is filled with tender and lean Canadian bacon, a slice of American cheese, and a freshly cooked Grade A egg.

Hash Browns – Moist from the inside and crispy from the outside, golden brown potato patties are lightly seasoned.

3pc. Hotcakes – it comes with Three golden brown hotcakes with butter and the sweet flavor of maple.

McCafé Menu

McCafé is the Philippines’ most successful and leading cafe, where you can find all kinds of food & beverages Americano, Cappuccino, Espresso, Latte, Macchiato, Premium Hot Chocolate, Iced Mocha, Iced Americano, Iced Latte, Iced Double Choco Frappe, Caramel Frappe, Mocha Frappe, Latte Frappe, Strawberry Smoothie, Blueberry Cheesecake, Dark Chocolate Cake, Oreo Cheesecake & Chocolate Chip Cookie.

McDonald’s Happy Meal

McDonald’s most famous Happy Meal Menu was introduced in 1997 in Philippines. In Red Smile Box you get a favourite McDonald’s items Burger, Chicken, McSpaghetti, or Chicken McNuggets meal and toy. The toys found in the box also change every month.

Currently, Burger McDo Happy Meal, Cheesy Burger McDo Happy Meal, McSpaghetti Happy Meal, 4-pc. Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal, 1-pc. With Chicken McDo Happy Meal etc. you are given in the Toys box.

Quality of Chicken, Fries, Eggs, Coffee, Cheese, Vegetables & Buns

Everyone knows how strict McDonald’s is about food quality. Boneless breast and thigh meat are used to make McNuggets and Chicken Patties. Which are coated with tempura batter coating.

High-Quality Potatoes are fried in fat-free Palm Olein Oil to make McDonald’s World Famous French Fries. Due to this, it remains fluffy from inside and crispy from outside.

Farm-fresh, low-cholesterol & grade-A eggs are used in McDee. McDo Coffee is made from the world-famous Arabica coffee beans, which enhances its taste.

The use of American cheese slices and lettuce without additives or preservatives makes McBurgers even more premium. The buns are baked locally, so that they are regularly fresh.


In 1938, Richard and Maurice McDonald opened the first McDonald’s Store. It was actually a BBQ restaurant. But both the brothers converted it into burger and milkshake restaurant. Even before this, both worked at the hot dog stand near the Santa Anita track.

Initially, McDonald’s focused more on selling Burgers, French Fries, and milkshakes. Both brothers used to sell all these fast food items at a low price so that they could complete it with all the restaurants present there.

He installed a self-service counter in the restaurant so that he does not have to depend on the waiters and waitresses. Apart from this, they have prepared burgers in advance so that whenever a customer comes there, they can get the order at the appropriate time. High-powered heat lamps were used to keep the food warm.

Starting the first restaurant in San Bernardino, California, this company is currently providing its service in more than 119 countries worldwide. More than 200000 employees are working to run 40,031 Restaurants properly.

Career in McDo

You too can be a part of the world’s most famous Fast Food Chain Company. And you can take your career to the highest point in McDonald’s. Here you get many types of Opportunities. Which will definitely Boost and Grow your career.

To be a part of McDonalds Team, visit and select the Job Title according to your interest. After that, you have to fill the ‘Submit your application’ form. In which information like First Name, Last Name, Email, Contact Number & Upload Your Resume etc. is kept. After clicking on the submit button, you will be informed by the team.

Delivery Service

All types of service are available in McDo like Drive-thru, Kiosk, Take Out, McDelivery, Dine-in, Pick-Up, and Outdoor. In 2005 McDonald’s introduced the All-day McDelivery Service. After the arrival of this service, customers can place order by calling Hotline Number (86-2-36) or by selecting their favorite McBurgers, McSpaghetti, McChicken, and McNuggets at Apart from this, you can also place your order by downloading McDo PH App on Apple Store or Play store.

Branches & Locations

Almost every city in the Philippines has a McD Outlet. According to the current data, it has branches at a total of more than 700 locations.

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