Red Ribbon Cakes Menu Price List 2024 Philippines

Red Ribbon is the largest bakery chain company in the Philippines, which was started 43 years ago in 1979 in Quezon City. we have given below Red Ribbon Cakes Price List 2024 Menu PDF, which will help you to find different verity of cakes.

This company produces and distributes fast food, pastries, and cakes, in addition to the Philippines, the company has more than 240 locations in California, Las Vegas, New Jersey, Metropolitan Phoenix, New York City, Virginia Beach, Virginia, Chicago, Metropolitan Detroit, Provides its service in Houston, Texas.

Red Ribbon Cakes Menu with Price Philippines

Red Ribbon Updated Menu 2024 with Prices in Philippines


Black Forest Classic (Regular)₱770
Ultimate Chocolate Cake (Junior)₱370.00
Black Forest Classic (Junior)₱526
Ultimate Chocolate Cake (Regular)₱600.50
Chocolate Indulgence (Regular)₱740
Chocolate Mousse (Junior)₱536
Tiramisu Meltdown (Regular)₱76
Tiramisu Meltdown (Junior) ₱580
Chocolate Mousse (Regular)₱739
Chocolate Indulgence (Junior)₱40.50
Caramel Crunch (Regular)₱836
Ube Cake (Regular)₱763
Dulce de Leche (Regular)₱660.00
Black Forest Royale (Regular)₱765.00


Chocolate Dedication Cake (Junior 8×8)₱470
Chocolate Dedication Cake (Regular 8×12)₱692
Rainbow Dedication Cake (Junior 8×8)₱435
Mocha Dedication Cake (Regular 8×12)₱682
Mocha Dedication Cake (Junior 8×8)₱463
Rainbow Dedication Cake (Regular 8×12)₱763
Chocolate Dedication Cake (Large 12×12)₱985
Mocha Dedication Cake (Large 12×12)₱758.00
Double Deck Dedication Cake (Regular 8×12)₱879.00
Jolibee Dedication Cake (Regular 8×12)₱865.0
Active Dedication Cake (Regular 8×12)₱825.00
Graduation Dedication Cake (Regular 8×12)₱635.00
Dainty Dedication Cake (Regular 8×12)₱855.00


Ube ‘n Cream Roll (Half)₱332
Chocolate Caramel Roll (Half)₱332
Leche Flan Roll (Half)₱224.50
Leche Flan Roll (Full)₱350.00
Mango Roll (Half)₱342
Triple Chocolate Roll (Full)₱388
Chocolate Caramel Roll (Full)₱457
Ube ‘n Cream Roll (Full)₱447
Mocha Roll (Half)₱322
Triple Chocolate Roll (Half)₱273
Brazo de Mercedes (Half)₱388
Mocha Roll (Full)₱457
Mango Roll (Full)₱467
Brazo de Mercedes (Full)₱503


Butter Mamon (Singles)₱35
Mocha Mamon (Singles)₱35
Creamy Mamon (Singles)₱35
Ube Mamon (Singles)₱35
Ensaymada (Singles)₱29.50
Salted Caramel Ensaymada (Singles)₱44.50
Strawberry Cheesecake Ensaymada (Singles)₱42.50
Mocha Mamon (8’s Pack)₱186.00
Choco Cake Slice (Singles)₱29.40
Ube Mamon (8’s Pack)₱186.00
Double Dutch Cake Slice (Singles)₱29.40
Choco Marble Cake Slice (Singles)₱29.40
Chiffon Cake Slice (Singles)₱29.40
White Choco Almond Mamon (Singles)₱29.40
Mocha Marble Cake Slice (Singles)₱29.40
Chocolate Crinkles (Singles)₱29.40
Brownies (Singles)₱24.00
Classic Butter Slice (Singles)₱24.00
Moist Choco Slice (Singles)₱35
Moist Choco Slice (8’s Pack)₱188.80
Cream Macarons (10’s Pack)₱120
Tunda Pandesal (Singles)₱26.30
Yummy Cheesy Roll (8’s Pack)₱230.00
Mango Bar (Singles)₱23.00
Classic Butter Slice (8’s Pack)₱186.00
Cinnamon Roll (8’s Pack)₱238.80
Cinnamon Roll (Singles)₱49
Chocolate Crinkles (Box of 4 Packs)₱110.60
Brownies (10’s Pack)₱230.00
Cheesy Bar (10’s Pack)₱230.00
Banana Crunch Slice (Singles)₱27.30
Macupuno Balls (12’s Pack)₱54.80
Pineapple Bar (10’s Pack)₱230.00
Banana Crunch Slice (8’s Pack)₱202.40
Classic Polvoron (Singles)₱11.00
Assorted Polvoron (26’s Box)₱184
Pork Pandesal (Singles)₱25.30
Mango Bar (10’s Pack)₱230.00
Pinipig Polvoron (Singles)₱7.90
Pastillas de Leche (12’s Pack)₱115
Chicken Empanada (Box of 6)₱175.00
Peanut Polvoron (Singles)₱7.90
Classic Polvoron (8’s Pack)₱82.30
Yummy Cheesy Roll (Singles)₱29.50
Butter Puto (10’s Pack)₱73.50
Peanut Polvoron (8’s Pack)₱89
Pinipig Polvoron (8’s Pack)₱55.90
Cheesy Bar (Singles)₱23.00
Classic Polvoron (5’s Box)₱89
Pineapple Bar (Singles)₱23.00
Chicken Empanada (Singles)₱47


Chocolate Dedication Cake 6×6₱365+
Caramel Crunch Cake, Regular Size₱814
Cookies & Cream Dedication Cake₱595+
Creamy Caramel Dedication Cake₱653+
Ube Mousse Cake₱699
Tiramisu Meltdown Cake, Junior Size₱ 503
Mango Graham Mousse Cake, Junior ₱536
Happy Birthday Cake Topper₱31
Spicy Chicken Floss Bread Rolls 4s₱78
Asado Bread Rolls 4s₱78
Chicken Floss Bread Rolls 4s₱78
Yema Bread Rolls 4s₱69
Classic Bread Rolls 8s₱49
Chocolate Bread Rolls 4s₱43
Raisin Bread Rolls 4s₱43

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When and how Red Ribbon Cakes started?

Amalia Hizon Mercado and her husband Renato Mercado opened a small cake shop called Red Ribbon in Quezon City in 1979. Initially, they did not get any kind of support. However, he continued to work hard.

Her daughter Teresita Moran worked very hard to make the cakes. Gradually Teresita’s Cakes became famous all over the Philippines. Thus the Red Ribbon company made its dominance in the dessert market.

After getting very good response, the company started its first overseas outlet in 1984. This outlet was started in the largest market in the USA in West Covina, California. Thus Red Ribbon started performing very well in the international market as well.

Red Ribbon Cake is known as RRB Holdings Inc. used to own. But in 2005, Jollibee Foods Corporation acquired Red Ribbon. Which is managed by JFC.

Why Red Ribbon is Better than Others?

Red Ribbon Cake are prepackaged and vacuum-sealed, due to which they can be kept fresh for a long time and are also more portable to take away.

These types of cakes are made by ensaymada (an enriched yeasted dough topped with butter, sugar, and grated processed cheese).

The Red Ribbon Cake comes with a minimalist look, with melted butter and sugar inside. When you take its first bite, it feels softer and airier. However, the dough remains drier towards the center.

Red Ribbon Cake are less sweet, whereas its competitor Goldilocks is richer and heftier, with better balance between sweet and salty.

Most Favorite & Bestseller Cakes of Red Ribbon

Black Forest Cake, Regular Size – it is made by Moist Chocolate Fudge Cake with Creamy and chocolatey Flavor topped with chocolate and cherries.

Chocolate Bread Rolls 4s – [New]

Chicken Floss Bread Rolls 4s – [New]

Chocolate Dedication Cake 8×12 – This is Red Ribbon’s best selling Square Cake. If there are a maximum of 18 people in the party, then this cake is going to be the best. It is made using Colorful sugar confetti, stars and dots with fudgy chocolate icing. You can customize it as per your wish.

Cheesy Ensaimada – If you are very hungry, then you should order Cheesy Ensaimada immediately. It gets rid of your craving. It is made topped with sweet butter, sugar cream and cheese. you are definitely gonna like this pastry.

Butter Mamon – this pastry is made using white chiffon with real butter.

Moist Choco Slice – it gives you a chocolatey taste within a few seconds.

Triple Chocolate Roll, Full – it comes with Fudgy Chocolate filling topped with chocolate icing and toppings.

Rainbow Dedication Cake 8×12 – With a serving size of 18 people, this square cake is best for making kiddie birthday cake. It has many layers of colourful chocolates topped with chocolate rosettes, colourful sugar confetti, and lollipops. Your kid is definitely going to be happy to have this cake. it can be customized as per your demands.

Chicken Empanada – it’s made using savory bread with chicken, veggies and raisins filling.

Which is better: Red Ribbon or Goldilocks Cake?

Both the companies have different fan bases. Some people like Red Ribbon Cake, some people like Goldilocks Cakes. Although both the companies are very big Bakery Chain of Philippines.

Starting from the local Bakeshop, both of them made their name in the international market by crossing small stops. Goldilocks made an indelible mark in the bakery industry starting in 1966 and Red Ribbon in 1979.

Similarities – Both come pre-packaged and vacuum-sealed, due to which they can be kept safe for a longer period of time. Both provide you good cake at affordable prices. Also, both use yeasted dough, butter, sugar, and cheese to make cake.

Dissimilarities – Although both the cake provide very good, but there are some factors in which we can say that both are different from each other.Re

Red Ribbon Cake have a very good cheese topping, while Goldilocks have a very good bread base.

Red Ribbon is lighter and less sweet, and the importance of cheese is more in it. Whereas in Goldilocks there is a better balance between sweet and salty. Due to which both of them keep different identities. But the job of both is to provide Tasty and Premium Cake to their customers.

Delivery Service

To order your favorite Round/ Roll/ Square Cake and Pastries, visit the official website Apart from this, you can also place your order by calling Hotline Number #87777 (This facility is available only in Metro Manila).

How to Get a Job in Red Ribbon?

Like other Filipino food chains, Red Ribbon also offers career opportunities. For this you have to submit an online application. You can submit your online application by following the steps given below-

How to get job in Red Ribbon
  1. First of all you visit the official website and come to the Career Opportunities section.
  2. Here fill your Full Name, Email Address correctly.
  3. After that attach the Application Letter and Resume.
  4. After accepting the Terms & Conditions click on Submit.
  5. You will be replied soon whether you are selected or not.

Red Ribbon Bakeshop Outlets Locations

Manila South LuzonNorth LuzonVismin
CaloocanAlbayBaguioAgusan del Norte
Las PinasBataanBacolod
MakatiCamarines SurBulacanBohol
MandaluyongIlocos NorteCebu
ManilaQuezonIlocos SurDavao del Norte
Davao del Sur
MuntinlupaSorsogon EcijaIloilo
Nueva VizcayaLanao del Norte

TarlacMisamis Occidental
Quezon City
Misamis Oriental

La Union
Negros Occidental

Negros Oriental

North Cotabato

Oriental Mindoro

South Cotabato

Sultan Kudarat

San Juan

Surigao del Norte


Cagayan Valley
Zamboanga del Norte


Zamboanga del Sur

If You want to get PDF of Red Ribbon Cake Updated Menu with Price List 2024. Below You have given download Link.


Which is the Cheapest Red Ribbon Cake?

Cheapest Mocha Dedication Cake comes at 8×8 412 and favorite Black Forest Cake, Junior Size 477.

is Red Ribbon Filipino Originated Cake Brand?

Yes, of course, Red Ribbon’s first store was established in Quezon City in 1979 by Amalia and Renato Mercado. That’s why it is the Original Filipino Brand.

Who has 100% Shares of Red Ribbon Cake?

Since 2005, Red Ribbon Jollibee Food Corporation has been the full Owner of Red Ribbon.

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