Starbucks Menu with Price 2024 Philippines

Starbucks is a multinational coffeehouse chain in America. Whose first store was opened 51 years ago on 30 March 1971 in Washington, USA. It serves Brewed, Espresso, Chocolate Coffee, Frappuccino, Teavana Teas, Sandwiches And Salads. If you want to see Updated Menu of Starbucks 2024 Philippines, Read the article below.

Starbucks Menu with Price List 2024 Philippines [UPDATED]


Cold Brew₱170₱185₱200
Caffe Misto₱130₱145₱160
Hot Brewed Coffee₱130₱145₱160
Salted Caramel Cold Brew₱200₱215N/A
Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Bew₱190₱205₱220


Caffe Latte₱160₱175₱190
Hazelnut Mocha Macchiato₱185₱200₱215
Salted Caramel Macchiato₱205₱220₱235
Caramel Macchiato₱185₱200₱215
White Chocolate Mocha₱185₱200₱215
Irish Cream WhiteChocolate Mocha₱205₱220₱235
Flat White₱185₱200₱215
Caffe Americano₱150₱165₱180
Caffe Mocha₱175₱190₱209


White Hot Chocolate₱179₱189₱210
Signature Hot Chocolate₱179₱195₱210


Chocolate Chip Cream₱190₱205₱220
Strawberries & Cream₱190₱205₱220
Vanilla Cream₱170₱185₱200
Chocolate Cream₱170₱185₱200
Green Tea Cream₱190₱205₱220
Coffee Jelly₱190₱205₱220
Caramel Cream₱175₱185₱200
White Chocolate₱180₱195₱210
Red Velvet Cake Cream₱190₱205₱220
Java Chip₱190₱205₱220
Dark Mocha₱200₱215₱230
White Mocha₱180₱195₱210

Teavana Teas

Matcha & Espresso Fusion₱185₱200₱215
Iced Shaken Black Tea₱145₱160₱175
Green Tea Latte₱175₱190₱205
Black Tea Latte₱160₱175₱190
Iced Shaken Hibiscus TeaWith Pomegranate Pearl₱160₱175₱190
Iced Shaken Green Tea₱145₱160₱175
Iced Shaken Black Tea WithRuby Grapefruit & Honey₱160₱175₱190
Iced Shaken Hibiscus Tea₱149₱170₱179

Sandwiches And Salads   

Spam, Egg & Cheese On Potato Bread₱160
Chorizo, Egg & Cheese On Pandesal₱165
Salmon Dill₱195
Roasted Vegetable Frittata₱165
Turkey Ham, Egg White & Cheeseon Whole Wheat English Muffin₱165
Ham & Cheese Toastie₱209
Roasted Chicken Pesto₱199

Ready To Eat

Bottled Caramel Frappuccino₱169
Shortbread Cookies₱89
Bottled Coffee Frappuccino₱165
Bottled Mocha Frappuccino₱165
65% Dark Chocolate₱90
Signature Chocolate₱175
Cookies & Cream Chocolate Bar₱160
Rasin Pistachio Chocolate Bar₱160
Doubleshot Dark Mocha₱160
Doubleshot Milky Espresso₱160
Bottled Vanilla Frappuccino₱169
Caramel Waffle₱89

Starbucks in the Philippines

The first Starbucks branch in the Philippines was opened by Rustan Coffee Corporation in Makati City on December 4, 1997. Since then, the premium experience of Starbucks has remained in the heart of Filipinos.

It was also remarkable to open a Starbucks store in the Philippines. Because before this Coffeehouse Chain had provided its service in only two countries apart from North America.

There are currently over 300 outlets in the Philippines bringing the Starbucks experience to Filipinos. It is because of Starbucks that the coffee culture in the Philippines is gradually growing. It has been seen that due to the arrival of Starbucks, people here like to drink coffee more.

Starbucks Best Seller

White Chocolate Mocha – Comes with 310 calories, the signature espresso in this Starbucks drink is blended with Chocolate Sauce & Milk. It is then finished with whipped cream in white chocolate syrup to impart sweetness.

Caffè Americano – Filipinos must try Americano. To make it, hot water is first poured in espresso shots. So that the layer of crema can be formed on its top.

Caffè Latte – It is believed that Caffè Latte was originated by Europeans. Latte comes with rich espresso, steamed milk, and the thinnest layer of milk foam. If you want to customize it further, flavoured syrup and iced are also used for that.

Cappuccino – A lot of people are not able to differentiate between Caffe Latte & Cappuccino. Because it is also made from Espresso, steamed milk, and frothy foam. But in cappuccino three distinct layers are thicker than Latte. It comes with 100 calories.

Mocha Frappuccino – Mocha sauce, roast coffee, milk, and ice are combined to make this Frappuccino which comes with 272 calories

Chocolate Chip Cream Frappuccino – Providing 341 calories, this drink has a rich mocha-flavored sauce made with chocolate chips, milk, and ice for a blender bash. It is then topped with whipped cream and mocha drizzle to make it more tasty and sweet.

Coffee Jelly Frappuccino – This is a special flavour from Starbucks Drinks, available only in selected countries. It comes with innovative coffee jelly, and creamy chocolate Frappuccino blended with milk, coffee, and ice. It is finished with a fluffy cloud of whipped cream. It is originally inspired by Japan’s favourite dessert coffee jelly.

Green Tea Cream Frappuccino – Sweetened premium matcha green tea, milk and ice are blended together. It is then topped with sweetened whipped cream to provide a delicious taste to Filipinos. It increases your energy by providing you with 300 calories.

Java Chip Frappuccino –Java Chip Frappuccino mocha sauce and Frappuccino chips are mixed with roasted coffee and milk. After that whipped cream and mocha drizzle is poured over it. It has a total of 322 calories.

Starbucks Delivery Service

Currently, you can order your favourite Brewed Coffee, Espresso, Chocolate Coffee, Frappuccino, and Teavana Teas from Starbucks delivery service provider GrabFood, Foodpanda & PickARoo. You can see the latest menu from their official website Although currently, delivery service is unavailable in App or website.

Place an Order By Starbucks PH app

You can also order online through Starbucks Philippines App, for this, you have to first go to the menu option in the app. After that, you have to select your favourite beverages or food. Now you have to select your nearest location for pick up. Now a list of available stores will come in front of you. Your order will be placed as soon as you are late to the store. Now you have to receive your order on time.

Starbucks Philippines Card & Benefits

Starbucks wants you to get as many rewards as possible. Whenever you pay with your registered Starbucks Card or app, you get 1 Star for every ₱25.

In this way if you collect a total 100 stars, you get Drinks, Pastry, Cake for Free. Apart from this, you are also given extra stars on your birthday.

To avail various discounts and rewards, you have to pay through Registered Starbucks Card or Your Registered Card in the mobile app. Apart from this, rewards are also given to you from Starbucks official online store Lazada. Every ₱40 spent in Lazada wallet gets 1 Star.

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