Subway Menu with Prices 2024 UK

Subway is an American multinational fast food restaurant chain, opened its first store in the United Kingdom in 1996 in Brighton. This fast food restaurant company offers Subway® Series, SubMelts®, Breakfast, Sub, Wrap, Salad, Cookies, Drinks and side items in Britain. Subway Menu with Price List 2024 UK is given below.

More than 2150 Subway stores have been opened in the United Kingdom alone. Which makes it one of the leading restaurant chains in Britain.

Subway Menu 2024 United Kingdom [UPDATED]

Meal Deals

Subway® Series – Footlong Meal Deal£13.19
SubMelt® – Footlong Meal Deal£12.39
Create Your Own – Footlong Meal Deal£11.39
Subway® Series – 6-inch / Wrap / Salad Meal Deal£9.49
SubMelt® – 6-inch Meal Deal£9.49
Create Your Own – 6-inch Meal Deal£8.59
Subway® Series Meal Deal for 2£21.99

Subway® Series

Notorious B.M.T.®£6.69
Big Breakwich£7.39
The Baller£6.69
Great Caesar£7.39
Big Bombay£6.69
Tex Mexan£6.69
Meatless Philly (V)£7.39
Rockin’ Moroccan (VE)£6.99
Great Goddess£6.89
Fine Catch£7.69


Big Cheese-Steak£7.89
Supremo (V)£6.39
Tuna Kahuna£6.69

All-Day Breakfast

Big Breakwich£7.39
Hash Browns – 6 pieces£1.99
Hash Browns – 9 pieces£2.89
Tropicana Orange Juice 250ml£2.49
Jude’s Chocolate Milkshake£2.89
Jude’s Flat White Iced Coffee£2.89

Create Your Own Sub

Deli Meats (Italian B.M.T.®)£6.39
Meatball Marinara£6.39
Philly Steak£6.99
Chicken Tikka£6.39
Plant Patty (VE)£6.99
Plant-based Steak (V)£6.99
Roast Chicken Breast£6.39
Turkey Breast£5.49
Veggie Delite®£5.49
Meatless Philly Steak (VE)£6.99

Create Your Own Wrap

Deli Meats (Italian B.M.T.®)£6.39
Meatball Marinara (Sold out)£6.39
Philly Steak£6.99
Tuna (Sold out)£6.39
Chicken Tikka (Sold out)£6.39
Ham (Sold out)£5.49
Plant Patty (VE) (Sold out)£6.99
Plant-based Steak (V) (Sold out)£6.99
Roast Chicken Breast (Sold out)£6.39
Turkey Breast (Sold out)£5.49
Veggie Delite® (Sold out)£5.49
Meatless Philly Steak (VE)£6.99

Create Your Own Salad

Deli Meats (Italian B.M.T.®)£7.09
Meatball Marinara£7.09
Philly Steak£7.69
Chicken Tikka£7.19
Plant Patty (VE)£7.69
Roast Chicken Breast£7.09
Turkey Breast£6.19
Veggie Delite®£6.19
Meatless Philly Steak (VE)£7.69
Meatless Philly Steak (VE)£7.69
Plant-based Steak (V) £7.69

Hot Sides

Hash Browns – 6 pieces£1.99
Hash Browns – 9 pieces£2.89
Crinkle Wedges – regular£2.19
Crinkle Wedges – large£3.59
Cheesy Garlic Slice£1.19
Margherita Slice (V)£1.89
Pepperoni Slice£2.09
DORITOS® Lightly Salted Nachos (V)£3.99
NEW DORITOS® Tangy Cheese Nachos£3.99
NEW DORITOS® Chilli Heatwave Nachos£3.99
Cheesy Bites – 5 pieces£2.59
Cheesy Bites – 12 pieces*£4.98
Bowl of Meatballs£2.59
NEW Pigs in Blanket Pot£2.59
Nacho Chicken Bites – 6 pieces£3.49
Nacho Chicken Bites – 9 pieces£4.69


NEW Sticky Toffee Pudding cookie£1.09
3 x NEW Sticky Toffee Pudding cookies£1.99
Cherry Bakewell Cookie (Sold out)£1.09
3 x Cherry Bakewell Cookies (Sold out)£1.99
Double Chocolate Cookie (Ve)£1.09
Chocolate Chunk Cookie£1.09
Rainbow Candy Chip cookie£1.09
3x Rainbow Candy Chip Cookies£1.99
12 Cookies (Sold out)£5.19
3x Chocolate Chunk Cookies£1.99
3x Double Chocolate Cookies- (Ve)£1.99

Bottled Drinks

7UP Free 500ml£2.49
Robinsons Fruit Shoot Apple & Blackcurrent 200ml (Sold out)£1.69
Pepsi Max 500ml£2.49
Gatorade Cool Blue (Raspberry) 500ml£2.49
Pepsi Regular 375ml£2.49
Pepsi Max Cherry 500ml£2.49
Mountain Dew Sugar Free 500ml£2.49
Lipton Ice Tea Peach 500ml£2.49
Robinson’s Refresh’d Raspberry & Apple 500ml£2.49
Tropicana Orange Juice 250ml£2.49
Princes Gate Still Water 500ml£2.09
Tango Orange 500ml£2.49
Tango Orange 1.5lt (Sold out)£3.09
Jude’s Chocolate Milkshake (Sold out)£2.89
Jude’s Flat White Iced Coffee (Sold out)£2.89
Pepsi Max 1.5Lt (Sold out)£3.09


Bear Yoyo (Sold out)£0.99


Walkers Cheese & Onion£1.19
Quavers Cheese£1.19
Sunbites Sweet Chilli (Sold out)£1.19
Walkers Ready Salted£1.19
Walkers Oven Baked Cheese & Onion£1.19
DORITOS® Tangy Cheese£1.19



Subway United Kingdom Best Selling Items

Deli Meats Subs – Formerly known as Italian B.M.T. Was known as. This sub is the most popular sandwich in the United Kingdom. It’s made of pepperoni, salami, and ham filling. and kept between the bread of your choice. If you want to customize it, you can choose cheese, extras, salad, and sauce as per your choice. Fan favourite, this sub gives Meatier and Tastier taste.

Big Breakwich – This is the most popular breakfast option of Subway UK Menu. To make it, streaky bacon, Lincolnshire sausage patty, double American-style cheese, hash browns, poached eggs, and ketchup are loaded between the bread. Which will satisfy your appetite. This is the only breakfast option of Subway, which is the first choice of every Britisher. Quickly go to Subway store and enjoy this fully loaded sub.

Big Cheese-Steak – Philly steak mixed with mozzarella, green peppers, and red onions and topped with American-style cheese and drizzled with chipotle Southwest sauce. This great combination is served on Italian white bread. If you like to eat something different that can satisfy your stomach, it’s the best option to eat at Subway store.

Tuna wrap – flaked tuna, mayonnaise, cheese of your choice, fresh veggies(Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Pickles, Peppers, Olives, Red onions, Jalapenos, Sweetcorn) and sauces are loaded inside a Tortilla wrap. if you like eating fish. tuna is going to be your favourite option at the subway.

Turkey Breast sub – choice of your Bread is loaded with Turkey Breast, cheese, fresh veggies, and sauces, making it a bestselling sub. You can customize bread, cheese, sauce, and salad as per your choice.

Meatball Marinara Salad – If you want to eat some healthy options, Meatball Marinara Salad is the best dish for you. You are definitely going to love the combination of tender beef meatballs, fresh veggies, and sauces coated with rich marinara sauce and this salad is going to make your day even more pleasant.

History of Subway in the United Kingdom

Subway was started in 1965 by 17 year old Fred DeLuca with the help of family friend, Dr Peter Buck. Subway’s first restaurant opened in Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA. It was named Pete’s Super Submarines but after 2 years its name was changed to Pete’s Subway.

By 1974 the number of subway stores had reached 16. But to expand it further, both of them decided to launch the franchising business model.

Subway opened its first store in the United Kingdom in 1996 in Brighton. 

According to current data, Subway has opened more than 37000 restaurants in more than 100 countries. The total number of stores in the United Kingdom has crossed 2300.

The competition between Subway and McDonald’s to become the biggest fast-food restaurant chain has been going on for a long time.

Although the subway has beaten McDonald’s. Now officially Subway has become the world’s biggest fast-food restaurant chain.

Subway United Kingdom Delivery Service

Subway delivers the order to the customer’s doorstep through third-party delivery partners in each country. In the United Kingdom too, your favourite fast food items are delivered to your doorstep through third-party delivery partners JustEat, Uber Eats, and Deliveroo.

To place an online order, follow the steps given below.

First of all visit the official websites of Just Eat, Uber Eats, and Deliveroo. Or download and install the application from the Play Store or App Store.

After opening the app or website, search for the subway.

After filling the address, the Subway UK Menu will open in front of you.

Select your favourite fast food items, subs, wraps, salads, and drinks from the Subway UK menu and place your order.

Your order will be delivered to your home within the time given by the delivery partners.

Career Opportunities in Subway United Kingdom

Do you also want to work in such a company where you can balance work, studies,s and personal life?

If your answer is yes then subway uk is best option because more than 20000 employees work in this company. Which includes sandwich artist, sandwich artist pro, Team Member, Delivery Driver, assistant manager, store manager, business consultant, and multi-unit manager.

To apply for a job in the company, visit the career website

Here, enter the name of the city in which you want to work, select your preferred job position, and apply.

After submitting the application, if you are eligible, you will be called for an interview.

After passing the interview, you are ready to become a part of the subway team.

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