Nando’s Menu with Prices 2024 United Kingdom

Nando’s is a South African multinational casual dining restaurant chain, opened first restaurant in the United Kingdom in 1992 in Ealing. This restaurant chain is quite famous for its Portuguese flame-grilled peri-peri style chicken. It offers PERi-PERi Chicken, Burgers, Pittas, Wraps, Salads & Bowls, Veggies, Desserts, and Drinks in the United kingdom. Nando’s Menu with prices 2024 United Kingdom is given below.

At present, Nando’s has opened restaurants at more than 478 locations in the United Kingdom.

Nandos Menu 2024 UK [UPDATED]


Dare to Share (Choose any 3 starters)£9.95
Halloumi Sticks & Dip£4.50
Houmous & PERi-PERi Drizzle with Warm Pitta Triangles£4.50
Sweet Potato Wedges with Garlic PERinaise£4.50
Spicy Mixed Olives£3.75
PERi-PERi Nuts£3.75

PERi-PERi Chicken

Chicken Butterflyfrom £8.95
4 Boneless Chicken Thighsfrom £8.95
1/2 Chicken on a plate with optional sidesfrom £8.70
10 Chicken Wingsfrom £11.95
5 Chicken Wingsfrom £6.95
1/4 Chickenfrom £5.25
Whole Chicken£15.25
3 Chicken Wingsfrom £4.95
Chicken Livers & Portuguese Rollfrom £8.75
10 Wing Roulette£11.95

Burgers, Pittas, Wraps

Garlic Churrasco Burger with PERi-Salted Chipsfrom £10.25
Fino Pittafrom £9.25
Grilled Chicken Wrapfrom £7.75
Butterfly Burgerfrom £11.25
Grilled Chicken Burgerfrom £7.75
Sunset Burgerfrom £9.25
Grilled Chicken Pittafrom £7.75
Double Chicken Wrapfrom £11.25
Double Chicken Pittafrom £11.25
Double Chicken Burgerfrom £11.25

Salads & Bowls

Rainbow Bowlfrom £9.25
PERi-Tomato & Feta Saladfrom £8.50

Sharing Platters

Full Platter£25.75
Boneless Platter£26.95
Family Platter£49.95


The Great Imitator Wrapfrom £7.75
Grilled Mushroom & Halloumi Pittafrom £8.50
Beanie Wrapfrom £7.75
Spiced Chickpea Burgerfrom £8.50
Beanie Burgerfrom £7.75
Beanie Pittafrom £7.75
Spiced Chickpea Pittafrom £8.50
Spiced Chickpea Wrapfrom £8.50


Fully Loaded Chips (Serves 2-3)£8.00
Mac & Cheese£4.75
Leafy Green Salad£4.25
PERi-Salted Chips (Large)from £3.75
Chips (Large)from £3.75
Garlic Bread (Large)from £3.75
Spicy Rice (Large)from £3.75
Coleslaw (Large)from £3.75
Corn on the Cob (Large)from £3.75
Creamy Mash (Large)from £3.75
Long Stem Broccoli (Large)from £3.75
Macho Peas (Large)from £3.75
Rainbow Slaw (Large)from £3.75
Spiced Grains & Butternut Squash (Large)from £3.75


PERi-PERi Gift Pack£15.99
Grilled Halloumi Cheese£1.95
Cheddar Cheese£1.00
2 Boneless Chicken Thighs£4.50
Garlic PERinaise£1.00
Grilled Chicken Breast£3.50
Grilled Pineapple£1.00
Chilli Jam£1.00
Toasted Pitta£1.00
Tortilla Wrap£1.00
Grilled Mushroom£1.95
Portuguese Roll£1.00
PERi-PERi Drizzle£1.00
Beanie Patty£3.50
PERi-Plant Strips£3.50


One Pastel de Nata£2.40
Four Pastel de Natas£8.50
Warm Chocolate Fondant£5.75
Choc-A-Lot Cake£4.95
Bottomless Vanilla Frozen Yoghurt£3.25
Bottomless Strawberry Frozen Yoghurt£3.25
Bottomless Chocolate Frozen Yoghurt£3.25
Bottomless Mango Frozen Yoghurt£3.25
Scoop of Vanilla Gelado£3.25
Mango Gelado£3.25
Chocolate Gelado£3.25
Coconut Gelado£3.25
Gooey Caramel Cheesecake£5.75


Soft Drinks

Bottomless Coca-Cola Classic£3.70
Bottomless Diet Coke£3.50
Bottomless Coke Zero£3.50
Bottomless Fanta Zero£3.50
Bottomless Sprite Zero£3.50
Still Water£2.75
Karma Drinks Gingerella£2.90
RUBRO Peach Iced Tea£2.90
Sparkling Water£2.75
L.A Brewery Kombucha£4.00
RUBRO Berry Iced Tea£2.90
RUBRO Lemon Iced Tea£2.90
Available in ScotlandIrn Bru£2.60
Available in Northern IrelandBottomless Fanta£3.50
Available in Northern IrelandFanta£1.65

Beer & Cider

Beavertown Lazer Crush Alcohol Free IPA£4.25
Sxollie Cider£4.85
Freedom Pils£4.25
Five Points XPA£4.25
Black’s Kinsale Pale Ale£4.25


Spier Chardonnay (from £3.60)
Spier Sauvignon Blanc£6.25
Spier Merlot£6.25
Levity Roséfrom £3.60
Spier Rose£6.25
Creative Block 2£28.95
Spier Cabernet Sauvignonfrom £3.60
Creative Block 5£28.95

Nando’s UK Bestseller items

Below are some of the most loved bestseller items at Nandos UK-

PERi-PERi 1/2 Chicken – Nando’s 1/2 Chicken is the most popular Peri Peri Chicken on the menu. To make it, one breast and one leg are flame-grilled and PERi-PERi sauce is infused. And served with your choice of spice and sides

Fino Pitta – If you are a regular customer of Nandos, you will know that Fino Pitta is a popular menu item here. Two flame-grilled chicken thighs, grilled halloumi cheese, caramelized red onion relish, wild garlic aioli, and lettuce are stuffed inside toasted pitta bread. You can customize the spice level as per your wish. Apart from this, the option of side dishes is also available.

Grilled Chicken Burger – This item is the best option in the Burger Menu. First of all, chicken breast is grilled with PERi-PERi and spices. After that, it is topped with Lemon and herb mayo, lettuce, tomato, and PERi-Ketchup and served with a soft Portuguese Roll.

Chicken Espetada – This comes in the category of must-try in Nando’s Menu. It features grilled chicken skewers marinated in Nando’s signature peri-peri sauce. And served with your favourite side dishes.

Macho Peas – This is a bestseller in the healthy food category. It is prepared by drenching peas in pea mash, parsley, mint, and chili.

PERi-Tomato & Feta Salad – This is a popular vegetarian salad option. Which is made of crunchy lettuce, lightly salted pitta croutons, semi-dried PERi-tomatoes, crumbly feta cheese, and a generous handful of quinoa in a lemon and wild garlic dressing. This option is best for those who are looking for a lighter option full of peri-peri.

History of Nandos UK

Nandos first restaurant opened in Rosettenville, Johannesburg in 1987. When Portuguese-born Fernando Duarte and South African-born Robert Brozin noticed that a Portuguese-Mozambican restaurant named Chickenland was struggling. Seeing the potential of its flame-grilled peri-peri chicken, both of them purchased this restaurant for £25,000.

The name of this restaurant was changed from Chickenland to Nandos, a derivative of Fernando.

To make this restaurant re-established and successful, special attention was paid to peri-peri flavour and high-quality ingredients. Apart from this, the casual dining experience was also improved.

After debuting in West London in 1992, this brand immediately gained popularity. British people liked its peri-peri chicken very much. Due to this in a very short time, it expanded restaurants in cities and towns of the UK.

At present, this fast food restaurant has opened restaurants in 1200 locations in 30 countries, out of which 478 restaurants are in the United Kingdom.

Nando’s 478 restaurants in the UK and Ireland

Central London18
North London28
South London28
East London16
West London14
Northern Ireland9

Nando’s United Kingdom Delivery service

Nandos provides both pickup and delivery services.

For delivery service, you can place orders through the official website and third-party food delivery apps Deliveroo, Uber Eats, and Just Eat.

To check delivery service availability, enter your full postcode on Nando’s website. If delivery service is available then Nando’s Menu will open in front of you.

If delivery service is not available on the official website then install third-party delivery service apps.

Search for Nando’s in apps or websites.

After that select your favourite items and place the order.

Your order will be delivered within some time of placing the order.

Keep in mind that the availability of delivery service depends on your area. Because there are some areas where there is still no Nando’s restaurant.

Career in Nando’s UK

Nando’s UK provides you with a variety of career opportunities. This company invests in employees, due to which it has won the Casual Dining Award 2024.

If you apply for team roles, you’ll start as a trainee. Here you will be taught all types of it, and after this, you will be able to perform your role easily.

People of more than 160 nationalities work in Nandos, which makes this company even more popular.

Not only this, this fast food company helps 306 local charities through food donations and employability skills.

Nando’s is one of the best restaurant chains in the United Kingdom. Because of this everyone wants to work in this company.

Restaurant Team Member – from Hosts and Grillers to Cashiers and Co-ordinators, you have the opportunity to get part-time and full-time Front-of-House and Back-of-House roles without any experience.

Apart from team members, you can also apply for jobs like Assistant Manager/Manager, Chef, Head Office Roles, etc.

To apply for jobs at Nando’s, visit Nando’s careers website.

Select your preferred job position and submit the application.

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