Boston Pizza Menu Price List 2024 Canada

Boston Pizza is a Canadian Multinational Fast Food Restaurant Chain, started 59 years ago in 1964 from Edmonton, Alberta. It offers Pizza, Pasta, Ribs, Hamburgers, Salads, and Entrees across Canada. If you want to see the Complete Updated Boston Pizza Menu 2024, Read the article given below.

Currently, Boston Pizza provides pizza and a variety of other casual dining at more than 430 locations in Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

Boston Pizza Menu 2024 Canada [UPDATED]


Beef AntojitosCA$14.90
Barbacoa Burrito BowlCA$20.79
Korean Fried Chicken SandwichCA$18.69
Maple Bacon BurgerCA$18.99
The Mercato PizzaCA$15.49


Meal Deal For OneCA$19.99
Pizza, Pasta & Salad Meal DealCA$41.89
Pizza & Wings Meal DealCA$52.99
Game Day Meal DealCA$64.99


All Meat Bites®CA$18.79
Fried WingsCA$17.49
Oven-roasted WingsCA$17.49
Wings ComboCA$19.99
Bandera Pizza BreadCA$11.99
Garden SaladCA$9.89
Caesar SaladCA$9.58
Beef AntojitosCA$14.99
Cactus Cut PotatoesCA$12.79
Hearty Jalapeño Popper DipCA$16.29
Deep Fried Pickle WedgesCA$11.49
The Triple PlayCA$22.79
Crispy Cajun ShrimpCA$15.29
Garlic Parmesan FriesCA$10.49
Kick’n Onion RingsCA$11.99
Thai BitesCA$16.79
Spinach And Artichoke DipCA$15.79
Chicken FingersCA$14.99
Classic Nachos – Starter SizeCA$17.49
BP’s French Onion SoupCA$10.29


Spicy Buffalo Chicken Mac & CheeseCA$21.69
Jambalaya FettucciniCA$22.79
Baked Seven Cheese RavioliCA$21.49
Hungry CarnivoreCA$21.99
Creamy Mushroom & Spinach BakeCA$17.99
Chicken And Mushroom FettucciniCA$20.99
Smoky Mountain Spaghetti & MeatballsCA$22.99
Parmesan Shrimp AlfredoCA$22.79
Glutenwise® PastaCA$18.59


The Mercato PizzaCA$15.29
Sweet & Savoury ItalianCA$14.49
Carbonara PizzaCA$14.29
Bourbon Bbq ChickenCA$15.79
Royal HawaiianCA$15.49
Spicy PerogyCA$14.49
The Meateor™CA$13.99
Tropical ChickenCA$14.59
Create Your Own PizzaCA$10.59
Cauliflower CrustCA$13.99


Barbacoa Burrito BowlCA$20.49
Honey Dill Chicken BowlCA$20.49
Salmon Power BowlCA$22.79
Fiesta SaladCA$18.49
Chicken Pecan SaladCA$20.49
Pineapple, Beet & Goat Cheese SaladCA$17.59
Chicken Caesar SaladCA$19.49
Caesar SaladCA$13.70


Korean Fried Chicken SandwichCA$18.29
Kick’n Memphis Chicken SandwichCA$18.29
Honey Dill Fried Chicken SandwichCA$18.29
The Big DipperCA$19.79
Grilled Chicken ClubhouseCA$18.29
Boston BruteCA$17.99
Thai Chicken WrapCA$16.49
Maple Bacon BurgerCA$18.79
Boston-sized BurgerCA$19.79
Bp’s Perfectly Plant-based BurgerCA$18.29


Slow-roasted Pork Back RibsCA$21.99
Chicken ParmesanCA$22.79


Bugs ‘n’ CheeseCA$8.99
Chicken FingersCA$8.99
Sauced-up Crispy Chicken FingersCA$8.99
Super SpaghettiCA$8.99
Pint-sized PizzaCA$8.99
Kids Cheese BurgerCA$10.99
Big Kids’ Bugs ‘n’ CheeseCA$10.99
Spaghetti & MeatballsCA$10.99
Hungry Kids Pizza (8″)CA$10.99
Kids WingsCA$10.99


Quinoa & Rice BlendCA$3.99
Sweet Potato FriesCA$9.99
Garlic Mashed PotatoesCA$3.79
Chicken BreastCA$6.29
Cajun Chicken BreastCA$6.39
Garlic ToastCA$2.19
Honey Dill DipCA$2.79
Alfredo SauceCA$2.19
Bolognese SauceCA$2.19
Cactus DipCA$2.79
Rosé SauceCA$2.19
Pizza SauceCA$2.79
Tomato MarinaraCA$2.19
Sour CreamCA$2.79
Blue Cheese DressingCA$2.79
Caesar DressingCA$2.79
Ranch DressingCA$2.79
Santa FeCA$2.79
Sriracha RanchCA$2.79


Salted Caramel PanookieCA$7.29
Chocolate ExplosionCA$10.29
New York CheesecakeCA$8.59
Chocolate Brownie AddictionCA$6.99
Bite-sized Chocolate Brownie AddictionCA$3.99


12 Oz Can Of PopCA$2.29
6-pack Of 12 Oz Cans Of PopCA$6.89
Bottle WaterCA$3.59
Red Bull Energy DrinkCA$5.99
Red Bull SugarfreeCA$5.99


Oven-roasted WingsCA$17.49
Chicken Pecan SaladCA$20.49
Caesar SaladCA$9.49
Garden SaladCA$9.79
Chicken Caesar SaladCA$20.49
Grilled Chicken ClubhouseCA$20.29
Glutenwise® Boston-sized BurgerCA$20.99
8” Cauliflower CrustCA$13.99
Glutenwise® Chocolate Brownie AddictionCA$7.79
Bite-sized Glutenwise® Chocolate Brownie AddictionCA$4.39

Boston Pizza Bestsellers & Popular Items

Boston Pizza offers a wide variety of menu items, including pizza, pasta, burgers, sandwiches, salads, and more. While preferences may vary among customers, there are a few items that have become bestsellers and popular choices at Boston Pizza locations across Canada. Here are some of them:

Bourbon BBQ Chicken Pizza – If you want to eat the most popular Pizza in Boston today, this Pizza will be the best for you. Because House‑made Bourbon BBQ sauce is used to make it. Which makes this most unique. It is loaded with BBQ chicken, balsamic‑roasted red onions, pizza mozzarella, cheddar cheese, and bacon. to make it more tempting finished with buttermilk ranch drizzle.

Spicy Perogy Pizza – It’s the best-selling Pizza at Boston Restaurant. It comes with the flavour of perogies. It is loaded with sour cream, bacon, cactus-cut potatoes, mozzarella cheese, cheddar, caramelized onions, and a dollop of sour cream. To give it a spicy kick, it’s topped with spicy Italian sausage.

The Big Dipper – did you hear this name before? if your answer is No! don’t worry, let me tell you everything about it. The Big Dipper is the most popular sandwich at Boston Pizza Restaurant. It is loaded with Sliced steak, braised onions, roasted red peppers, pizza mozzarella, and onion rings. To make it more tasty it is served with horseradish mayo and sweet onion au jus. It can be your perfect breakfast, which will kill your hunger.

Jambalaya Fettuccini – it’s Canadian favourite pasta. which is made using Cajun cream sauce Coated Fettuccini pasta. topped with grilled chicken breast, shrimp, and spicy Italian sausage. if you want a spicy touch in your past. it will be the popular choice for you.

Cactus Cut Potatoes – are you Hungry? You should start your day with thinly sliced fried potatoes. It’s served with a signature cactus dip.

History of Boston Pizza

Boston Pizza Restaurant was started by four Greek immigrants, Trifon, Gus, Perry, and Ninos Agioritis on August 12, 1964, in Edmonton, Alberta. At that time the name of this restaurant was Boston Pizza and Spaghetti House.

Because the owner of this company loved the Boston Bruins, a National Hockey League team. That’s why he named this store Boston Pizza.

In the early years, Boston Pizza used to serve only pizza and pasta. Burgers, sandwiches, salads, and desserts were included in the menu.

Boston also became more popular because along with casual dining in their restaurants, you can watch sports games on multiple televisions.

In 1968, the first franchisee was opened in Penticton by Jim Treliving. In the next 10 years, he opened 16 restaurants in British Columbia.

By 1970, more than 17 stores including 15 franchises had been opened in Western Canada of this Restaurant Chain.

By 1995, this Food Chain had opened 95 restaurants in Western Canada.

By 1997, Boston did not have a single restaurant in eastern Canada. Therefore in September 1998, the first Eastern Restaurant was opened in Ottawa.

In 2012, the number of restaurants of this company reached 348 in Canada. Whereas in the USA and Mexico, this number crossed 40.

Boston has included a variety of options such as gluten-free, specialty pizzas, and toppings in its menu from time to time.

Delivery Services

Do you want to eat Boston Pizza while staying at home?

If yes, now you do not need to go anywhere, you can place the order using Boston Pizza’s delivery service at home or office. And you can get your favourite items such as pizza, pasta, sandwich, and dessert at your doorstep.

For this, you have to use Boston Pizza’s official website ( or mobile app. The preferred delivery location has to be entered by selecting Items from the menu.

Within an hour your order will be delivered to you.

Career in Boston Pizza Canada

Boston Pizza provides you all kinds of career opportunities, which is a good job opportunity for interested people working in the food industry to make a career.

Visit online job portals to apply for Restaurant Staff, Management Positions, Culinary Staff, Delivery Drivers, and Corporate Positions.

Apart from this, you can directly contact Boston Pizza Restaurant.

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