Benny & Co. Menu with Prices 2024 Canada

Benny & Co is a Canadian family rotisserie restaurant chain that started in Joliette, Canada in 1960. It serves Chicken, Wings & Strips, Sandwiches and salads, Poutines, Salad, Ribs, Desserts and beverages in Canada. If you want to see the latest menu with prices 2024 of Benny Restaurant, then check the menu given below.

Benny & Co. Menu 2024 Canada [UPDATED]


Menu ItemPrice (CA$)
Fried Drumsticks Meal2 drumsticksCA$5.10
1 drumstickCA$2.50
Caesar Salad AppetizerCA$6.90
Mini Mozzarella Sticks6 piecesCA$5.00
10 piecesCA$8.00
Chicken Wings3 WingsCA$11.40
8 WingsCA$15.50
Soup of the DayCA$5.50
Chicken Nuggets5 piecesCA$7.00
10 piecesCA$10.00
Beefeater Onion RingsCA$5.00
Appetizer TrioCA$16.50


Menu ItemPrice (CA$)
Leg MealCA$13.00
Breast MealCA$15.00
2 Leg MealCA$17.30
Half-Chicken MealCA$19.50
2 Breast MealCA$21.80
Ribs & Leg MealCA$24.50
Ribs & Breast MealCA$26.50
Rib Meal (Half-Rack)CA$19.00
Rib Meal (Full Rack)CA$27.40
Ribs & 3 Chicken Strips MealCA$26.30
Whole ChickenCA$25.40


Benny&Co. PoutineCA$11.00CA$15.00CA$22.75
Thai PoutineCA$13.50CA$18.00CA$25.80


Menu ItemPrice (CA$)
Club SandwichWhite MeatCA$16.00
Dark meatCA$14.00
Crispy Chicken Wrap MealCA$14.00
Caesar wrap mealCA$14.00
Crispy Vegetarian Wrap MealCA$14.00
Club Sandwich for 2 PeopleWhite meatCA$19.00
Dark meatCA$17.00
Crispy Chicken Wrap (Solo)CA$11.00
Solo Caesar wrapCA$11.00
Hot Chicken MealWhite MeatCA$15.00
Dark MeatCA$13.00
Club Sandwich OnlyWhite MeatCA$13.50
Dark MeatCA$11.50
Fried Chicken Burger with jalapeñosCA$15.00
Fried Chicken Burger with jalapeñosCA$10.50


Menu ItemPrice (CA$)
Chicken Wing Meal8 WingsCA$17.00
12 WingsCA$21.40
Chicken Strips Meal3 StripsCA$13.50
4 StripsCA$15.50
6 StripsCA$19.50
Chicken Nuggets Meal10 piecesCA$14.00
Vegetarian Strips Meal3 Vegetarian StripsCA$13.50
4 Vegetarian stripsCA$15.50
6 Vegetarian stripsCA$19.90


Menu ItemPrice (CA$)
Benny&Co. Caesar saladWhite meatCA$17.50
Crispy chickenCA$17.40
Veg stripsCA$16.40
Benny&Co. Salad of the MomentWhite meatCA$17.40
Crispy chickenCA$17.40
Benny&Co. Salad of the Moment with Vegetarian StripsCA$16.50
Chicken Benny&Co. Bowl Piri Piri stylePiri Piri Style Bowl with White MeatCA$18.50
Piri Piri Style Bowl With Dark MeatCA$16.40
Piri Piri Style Bowl with Chicken StripsCA$18.50
Piri Piri style Bowl with vegetarian stripsCA$18.50
Chicken Bowl with Herb SauceHerb Bowl with Chicken StripsCA$18.50
Poulet-bol aux herbes viande blancheCA$18.50
Herb Bowl With Dark MeatCA$16.50
Herb Bowl With Vegetarian StripsCA$18.50


Menu ItemPrice (CA$)
Benny&Co. Salad of the Moment with Vegetarian StripsCA$16.50
Vegetarian Strips Meal3 Vegetarian StripsCA$13.50
4 Vegetarian stripsCA$15.50
6 Vegetarian stripsCA$19.50
Crispy Vegetarian Wrap MealCA$14.00


Menu ItemPrice (CA$)
Chicken Nuggets5 pieces
Filets MealChicken strips
Vegetarian strips
Fried Chicken Drumstick1 pieceCA$8.75


Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (CA$)
Sprite 500 mlCA$3.00
Nestea 500 mlCA$2.50
Fanta 500 mlCA$3.00
Canada dry 500 mlCA$3.00
Oasis Juice (300 ml)Orange Juice (300 ml)CA$2.50
Apple Juice (300 ml)CA$2.50
Apple-grape Juice (300 ml)CA$2.50
Vegetable Juice (300 ml)CA$2.50
Benny&Co. Spring WaterCA$2.50
Sparkling WaterCA$3.25
Jackson-Triggs – Cabernet SauvignonCA$21.00
Jackson-Triggs – Pinot GrigioCA$21.00
Jackson-Triggs – RoséCA$21.00
Mill Street – Pack of 2Mill Street – OriginalCA$10.00
Mill Street – TankhouseCA$10.00
Mill Street – DuoCA$15.00


Menu ItemPrice (CA$)
Maple Dulce de Leche PieCA$5.30
Triple Chocolate CakeCA$4.50
Whole Pecan PieCA$18.90


Menu ItemPrice (CA$)
Extra BunCA$1.00
Extra Chicken WingCA$2.30
Extra Chicken StripCA$2.50
Extra French FriesCA$3.80
Extra RiceCA$3.80
Extra rice and quinoaCA$3.80
Extra ColeslawCA$2.00
Benny&Co. SauceCA$2.00
Cheese Curds (70 g)CA$3.30
French Fries (Family Size)CA$12.00

Bestsellers & Popular items

Below you are given the details of the most popular items of present time-

Breast Meal – Benny & Co Restaurant is known for delicious rotisserie chicken in Canada. In this meal, a quarter chicken breast is served with fries, sauce, coleslaw, and a bun. This is at the top in the Most Liked category.

Benny & Co. Poutine – is the most liked item after rotisserie chicken. This Canadian classic dish is made of French fries, a quarter of a boneless chicken, cheese curds, and sauce.

Crispy Chicken Wrap Meal – if you are going to Benny & Co Restaurant for the first time. you should definitely try this wrap. To make it, two tender white chicken strips, lettuce, bacon, and Swiss cheese are wrapped. A choice of side dish is served with French fries, Rice, and a choice of sauce Ranch dressing, Caesar dressing, Spicy sauce, and Mayonnaise.

Rib Meal (Half-Rack) – This is the best option for hungry people. To prepare it, a Hearty half rack of ribs is served with your choice of sauce. Also, French fries, coleslaw, and a bun make it a complete meal option.

Mini Mozzarella Sticks – Mozzarella Sticks are available on the menu of almost every restaurant in Canada, but Benny & Co Restaurant’s Mini Mozzarella Sticks will definitely satisfy your craving. It is available in 6 and 12 pieces, which are served with marinara dipping sauce.

Chicken Nuggets – This is the most popular option of Kids Meal. In which 5 delicious breaded white meat chicken nuggets are served with sauce, a side dish, and a Beverage of your choice.

History of Benny & Co Canada

Benny & Co’s first rotisserie restaurant was opened in Joliette in 1960 by eight Benny brothers and brother-in-law’s

Within 10 years, Benny brothers focused their entire attention on the restaurant business. And opened Benny Stores in more than 13 locations in Québec.

In the 1980s the number of restaurants increased to beyond 40.

In 2006, Benny & Co made a fast-casual restaurant so that people could enjoy dining in a casual atmosphere.

After opening restaurants at more than 50 locations in Québec, Benny opened 3 restaurants in Ontario for the first time in 2018.

At present, more than 65 restaurants have been opened in Québec and Ontario.

Benny & Co, famous for high-quality rotisserie chicken, is continuously growing in other cities in Canada.

Benny & Co Delivery Service

Because Benny Restaurant is not available everywhere in Canada, the availability of delivery service will depend on your location.

The methods of placing delivery orders are given below.

You can order your favourite chicken, poutine, or sandwich from the apps or websites of third-party delivery service platforms Uber Eats, SkipTheDishes, and DoorDash.

You can place an order by calling your nearest local restaurant.

Careers in Benny & Co Canada

Are you looking for an exciting job opportunity?

Benny & Co Restaurant chain provides the best job opportunities for you. In which all types of benefits are provided to you. Because here you are treated like family and not like an employee.

Benny company is committed to offering you the following benefits –

You are provided a better salary than other restaurants.

A flexible work schedule is available.

Facility of annual salary adjustment is available.

There is 50% off meals for employees.

V-training programs are run for skill development.

An opportunity to upscale your job is provided.

You are provided the opportunity to make a career in whatever area you are interested in.

Scholarship programs are available.

For all types of information related to job availability, visit the website

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