Pizza Hut Menu with Prices 2024 Canada

Pizza Hut is an American multinational restaurant chain, started in Canada in 1968 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It offers a variety of pizza, Salad, Breadsticks, Onion rings, Mozzarella Sticks, Fries, desserts, and drinks in Canada. If you want to see the updated Pizza Hut Menu 2024 Canada, check the table given below.

According to the current statistics, more than 555 Pizza Hut stores are providing Pizza Service in Canada.

Pizza Hut Menu 2024 Canada [UPDATED]

6″ Personal Pizza

Menu ItemPrice
The Great “Beyond”CA$7.19
Pepperoni Lover’sCA$7.19
Meat Lover’s®CA$7.19
Veggie Lover’s®CA$7.19
Supreme Lover’s®CA$7.19
Triple CrownCA$7.19
Cheese Lover’s®CA$7.19
Chicken CaesarCA$7.19
BBQ ChickenCA$7.19
Super Supreme Lover’s®CA$7.19
Smokey Maple BaconCA$7.19
Chicken Lover’s®CA$7.19
Grilled Chicken ArrabbiataCA$7.19
Grilled Chicken RusticoCA$7.19
Greek PizzaCA$7.19
Italian ClassicCA$7.19
Create Your OwnCA$5.59

9″ Small Pizza

PanGluten Free
The Great “Beyond”CA$15.99CA$15.99
Pepperoni Lover’sCA$15.99CA$15.99
Meat Lover’s®CA$15.99CA$15.99
Veggie Lover’s®CA$15.99CA$15.99
Supreme Lover’s®CA$15.99CA$15.99
Triple CrownCA$15.99CA$15.99
Cheese Lover’s®CA$15.99CA$15.99
Chicken CaesarCA$15.99CA$15.99
BBQ ChickenCA$15.99CA$15.99
Super Supreme Lover’s®CA$15.99CA$15.99
Smokey Maple BaconCA$15.99CA$15.99
Chicken Lover’s®CA$15.99CA$15.99
Grilled Chicken ArrabbiataCA$15.99CA$15.99
Grilled Chicken RusticoCA$15.99CA$15.99
Greek PizzaCA$15.99CA$15.99
Italian ClassicCA$15.99CA$15.99
Create Your OwnCA$11.99CA$11.99

12″ Medium Pizza

PanStuffedHomestyleNew! Thin ‘n Crispy
The Great “Beyond”CA$19.99CA$23.99CA$19.99CA$19.99
Pepperoni Lover’sCA$19.99CA$23.99CA$19.99CA$19.99
Meat Lover’s®CA$19.99CA$23.99CA$19.99CA$19.99
Veggie Lover’s®CA$19.99CA$23.99CA$19.99CA$19.99
Supreme Lover’s®CA$19.99CA$23.99CA$19.99CA$19.99
Triple CrownCA$19.99CA$23.99CA$19.99CA$19.99
Cheese Lover’s®CA$19.99CA$23.99CA$19.99CA$19.99
Chicken CaesarCA$19.99CA$23.99CA$19.99CA$19.99
BBQ ChickenCA$19.99CA$23.99CA$19.99CA$19.99
Super Supreme Lover’s®CA$19.99CA$23.99CA$19.99CA$19.99
Smokey Maple BaconCA$19.99CA$23.99CA$19.99CA$19.99
Chicken Lover’s®CA$19.99CA$23.99CA$19.99CA$19.99
Grilled Chicken ArrabbiataCA$19.99CA$23.99CA$19.99CA$19.99
Grilled Chicken RusticoCA$19.99CA$23.99CA$19.99CA$19.99
Greek PizzaCA$19.99CA$23.99CA$19.99CA$19.99
Italian ClassicCA$19.99CA$23.99CA$19.99CA$19.99
Half & Half PizzaCA$15.99CA$19.99CA$15.99CA$15.99
Create Your OwnCA$15.99CA$19.99CA$15.99CA$15.99

14″ Large Pizza

PanStuffedHomestyleNew! Thin ‘n Crispy
The Great “Beyond”CA$25.99CA$30.49CA$25.99CA$25.99
Pepperoni Lover’sCA$25.99CA$30.49CA$25.99CA$25.99
Meat Lover’s®CA$25.99CA$30.49CA$25.99CA$25.99
Veggie Lover’s®CA$25.99CA$30.49CA$25.99CA$25.99
Supreme Lover’s®CA$25.99CA$30.49CA$25.99CA$25.99
Triple CrownCA$25.99CA$30.49CA$25.99CA$25.99
Cheese Lover’s®CA$25.99CA$30.49CA$25.99CA$25.99
Chicken CaesarCA$25.99CA$30.49CA$25.99CA$25.99
BBQ ChickenCA$25.99CA$30.49CA$25.99CA$25.99
Super Supreme Lover’s®CA$25.99CA$30.49CA$25.99CA$25.99
Smokey Maple BaconCA$25.99CA$30.49CA$25.99CA$25.99
Chicken Lover’s®CA$25.99CA$30.49CA$25.99CA$25.99
Grilled Chicken ArrabbiataCA$25.99CA$30.49CA$25.99CA$25.99
Grilled Chicken RusticoCA$25.99CA$30.49CA$25.99CA$25.99
Greek PizzaCA$25.99CA$30.49CA$25.99CA$25.99
Italian ClassicCA$25.99CA$30.49CA$25.99CA$25.99
Half & Half PizzaCA$18.49CA$22.99CA$18.49CA$18.49
Create Your OwnCA$18.49CA$22.99CA$18.49CA$18.49

XL Panormous®

The Great “Beyond”CA$25.99
Pepperoni Lover’sCA$25.99
Meat Lover’s®CA$25.99
Veggie Lover’s®CA$25.99
Supreme Lover’s®CA$25.99
Triple CrownCA$25.99
Cheese Lover’s®CA$25.99
Chicken CaesarCA$25.99
BBQ ChickenCA$25.99
Super Supreme Lover’s®CA$25.99
Smokey Maple BaconCA$25.99
Chicken Lover’s®CA$25.99
Grilled Chicken ArrabbiataCA$25.99
Grilled Chicken RusticoCA$25.99
Greek PizzaCA$25.99
Italian ClassicCA$25.99
Half & Half PizzaCA$19.99
Create Your OwnCA$19.99

Other Pizza

Pepperoni Lover’s MeltCA$8.99
Meat Lover’s MeltCA$8.99
Chicken Bacon Alfredo MeltCA$8.99
Mushroom Onion Alfredo MeltCA$8.99
Tropical Heat MeltCA$8.99
Flatbread – Beyond Italian Sausage AlfredoCA$7.99
Flatbread – Italian MeatsCA$7.99
Flatbread – VeggieCA$7.99
Flatbread – Chicken and MushroomCA$7.99
Flatbread – Hawaiian CrownCA$7.99


Boneless BitesCA$11.29


Beyond Creamy AlfredoCA$11.99
Creamy Chicken AlfredoCA$11.99
Meaty MarinaraCA$11.99


Cheesy Pull-ApartsCA$8.99
Breadsticks (Regular)CA$6.99
Breadsticks (Large)CA$11.39
Onion Rings (Regular)CA$6.99
Onion Rings (Large)CA$9.99
Mozzarella SticksCA$10.79
Chicken Caesar Salad (Regular)CA$7.99
Chicken Caesar Salad (Regular)CA$12.99
Caesar Salad (Regular)CA$5.99
Caesar Salad (Large)CA$9.99
Garlic Bread (Regular)CA$4.99
Garlic Bread (Large)CA$5.49
Fries (Regular)CA$4.99
Fries (Large)CA$5.99


Half Baked®CA$9.19
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough®CA$9.19
Chocolate Fudge BrownieCA$9.19
S’more PleaseCA$9.19
Cinnabon® Mini RollsCA$9.19
Hershey’s® Chipits® Triple Chocolate BrownieCA$9.19
Ultimate Hershey’s® Chipits® CookieCA$9.19


Diet Pepsi®CA$1.99
Pepsi® ZeroCA$2.99
Schweppes Gingerale®CA$1.99
Dr Pepper®CA$1.99
Mountain Dew®CA$2.99
Mug® RootbeerCA$1.99
Brisk Ice Tea®CA$1.99
Bottle Aquafina®CA$2.99
Orange CrushCA$2.09
Rockstar Original EnergyCA$4.44
Rockstar Punched Energy DrinkCA$4.44
Bubly CherryCA$2.20
Apple JuiceCA$2.70
Orange JuiceCA$2.70

Bestsellers items

Pizza Hut is like home for Canadians. Whenever you have a craving to eat Pizza, definitely try the Popular & Best Seller Items given below.

Meat Lover’s Pizza – Do you want more meat in your Pizza? it is probably going to be the best option for you. Pizza Hut’s Meat Lover’s is loaded with pepperoni, Italian sausage, bacon, ham, and beef. and topped with mozzarella cheese and signature pizza sauce. This is a Bestseller item for Canadians who love meat. available in hand-tossed, thin ‘n crispy, pan, or stuffed crust options.

Supreme Pizza – Pizza Hut is one of the popular items. To make which pepperoni, Italian sausage, green peppers, red onion, Black Olives, signature pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, and sliced mushrooms are used. It is not only a worldwide favourite choice in Canada.

Canadian Pizza – Pizza hut menu has a popular variety of Pizza. Which is made up of pepperoni, bacon, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, green peppers, onions, and peameal bacon. You are definitely going to enjoy the combination of meaty and savoury toppings.

Chicken Bacon Alfredo Melt – This is a recently added Pizza in Pizza Hut Canada. Which is loaded with Alfredo sauce, seasoned grilled chicken breast, and mozzarella cheese. And served with ranch dip.

Caesar Salad – This is a popular side option of Pizza Hut. Which is loaded with fresh and crisp romaine lettuce leaves, garlic, anchovies, Parmesan cheese, lemon juice, olive oil, Shaved or grated Parmesan cheese, crunchy and seasoned croutons. This is the best salad for a lighter option.

Breadsticks – Soft from the inside and crispy from the outside, enjoy Breadsticks with marinara dipping sauce. Every customer going to Pizza Hut definitely tries it.

Cinnabon Mini Rolls – This is the most popular and bestseller dessert option on Pizza Hut Menu. Cinnabon’s signature cinnamon roll dough is rolled with layers of sugar cinnamon to make Cinnabon Mini Rolls. After baking the Cinnabon Mini Rolls are topped with cream cheese icing. Enjoy the bite-sized pieces by sharing them with your friends.

History of Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is an American multinational fast food restaurant chain, started in the United States in 1958 by two brothers Dan and Frank Carney.

In 1968, 10 years after the first restaurants opened in the USA, Pizza Hut opened its first store in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

This restaurant company quickly gained popularity in Canada. After this many pizza hut restaurants were opened in other states of Canada as well.

Initially, pizza hut used to offer only pizza. Pasta, salads, wings, and desserts were included in the menu to become strong in Rapidly Expansion and Canadian Market. Due to this, this company reached all the people other than only pizza eaters.

At present, Pizza Hut is providing its pizza service at more than 555 locations in Canada.

Delivery service

Dine-in, take-out, and delivery services are available at Pizza Hut Canada.

Visit Pizza Hut Canada’s website for delivery service. Download this app from the Play store or App Store.

After opening the website or app, first of all, check whether the delivery service is available in your area or not.

After delivery service is available, the Pizza Hut menu will open in front of you. From here you add your favourite pizza or other items to the cart.

After the checkout is complete, your order will be delivered to your home within a specific duration.

Pizza Hut accepts all types of payment options Cash, Credit, or Debit. In delivery service payment can be made at the door.

Career at Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut provides you with in-store opportunities such as Servers, Cooks, Dough Masters, Shift Managers, Assistant Managers, and Managers. To apply, you have to visit the official website or directly store. Here you will get information about available jobs.

If your age is more than 16 years then you can get a good job in Pizza Hut on the basis of your skills. After cracking the standard set by the company, you will be able to work in their restaurant.

If you are interested in owning a Pizza Hut restaurant, submit an application by visiting

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